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Vida, c.2017
A pendant of Fear made by Vida, c.2010

Commonly Known Information

Name: Vida

Notable Traits: Always in fashion

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador

Guild: Affectus Per Noctem de Filiis

Status 8


  • Noble
  • Guardian
  • Prominent


  • Favored by Luminary Elder Prince Alfonso de Martinez of Columbus, Ohio
  • Found Courteous by Luminary Elder Prince Alfonso de Martinez of Columbus, Ohio
  • Found Loyal by Luminary Elder Prince Alfonso de Martinez twice over of Columbus, Ohio
  • Found Loyal by Elder Prince de Castilla, of Toledo, Ohio
A pendant of Peace made by Vida, c.1899
Toreador Hana and Vida

Time Line

  • 1850 –- Vida is born a 17th century dilettante taught in arts and high society for a good marriage. India is all the rage with the British Raj.
  • 1870 -- Embrace by Osvif "The Walleye" Skorrisson; part of the Farmand Lineage.
  • 1875 -- Fell madly in love with Nathan Drake, the British Tremere of Egyptian Court fame.
  • 1897 -- Came across Nathan in bed with another Tremere. In the fall out, her art improves, and she leaves London.
  • 1942 -- Vida takes in the ghoul Caiside Breathnach and grooms him to be her childe, Embracing him in 1942.
  • 1899 -- Vida becomes Columbus Ohio Harpy for her attention to details with records and ability to discern boon worth. She begins living with the Gangrel Primogen William Congreve.
  • 1969 -- Goes to Woodstock and has the time of her unlife. Ends up Embracing Gary “Ginseng” McCord.
  • 1970 -- Caiside moves out and travels.
  • 1973 -- Ginseng embraces Maria Elena.
  • 1995 -- Ginseng embraces Trevor Valentine “Merlot” in Cleveland Ohio. Merlot is a gallery owner.
  • 2001 -- Ginseng dies to the Sabbat in Cleveland. Maria moves in with Vida.
  • 2010 -- Vida is present for the Sabbat attack of Prince Lysander and her death. Supports the new Columbus OH Prince Painswick.
  • 2015 -- Embraces Sigourney McWatch, tshirt screen print artist, in Columbus, Ohio.
  • 2017 -- Maria moves out. Vida and Nathan break their silence. She takes Augustus Brightly as her Accountee. He is Acknowledged the same year after saving the Prince and Vida's unlife.
  • 2017 -- Vida is chosen as Mistress of Harpies after Luminary Elder Alfonso de Martinez peacefully takes praxis from Prince Painswick.
A pendant of Pacifism made by Vida, c.2017


Absent Sway pendants are available in the following emotions and come with the artistic level negotiated, and also Flashy and Stylish. Previous unlisted emotions crafted include Respect, Mischievousness, Passive-Aggressive 'Go F*** Yourself,' and Liberty. Other works include steam-punk themed, 'nasty' themed, and 'irony' themed.

Available emotions.

Rumors & Gossip from Others About Her

  • Vida has no talent as an pendant artist - but her art makes you always emotional.
  • Vida is incredibly talented - but avant-guarde.
  • Vida hasn't spoken with Nathan in over 100 years - or they're living together.
  • Vida has a special feud with Gigi Belle.
  • Vida is always in fashion.
  • Some whisper she is cupid.
  • Without even having met them, most Anarchs have heard of Vida and hate her.
  • Vida has a third roommate named Petyr.
  • Vida has a third roommate who is a Brujah bad boy.
  • Vida has a third roommate who is a Ventrue queen.
  • She is "too effective at her job" - anonymous
  • Your rumor, quote, or gossip here
The Flatmates Coterie
The Flatmates: Petyr, William Congreve, Vida, Vlada, and Alexandar.

OOC Information

Player: WL Bruno

Player Email:

Storyteller: Quentin Accord

Storyteller Email:

Location: Columbus, Ohio