Vida Dolce

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Known Information

Name: Vida Dolce
Species: Changeling
Court: Court of the Nebula
Kith: Fairest
Seeming: Nightsinger
Age: unknown
Occupation: Entertainer/proprietor of Event Horizon

Vida is a kind, sweet individual who has more sass than she should. Vida will always offer a comforting shoulder, an ear to bend, and a drink on her tab.


Little is openly known of Vida before working at the Murder Hole. Vida and Spandex seem to be closer than told but neither speak of it. Z and Vida fight like ex lovers or friends who've known each other for far too long.

Vida arrived about 5 years ago and has made fast friends and a loyal fan base. Vida has had offers to perform elsewhere but she never accepts them.



  • Vida has a lost love that should be coming back
  • Vida does not respond to aggressive or violent behavior well.
  • Be honest with Vida, and she will give you the 'verse
  • Add yours!


  • “I don't need anything pretty. I need something with depth. How deep are you?" - Vida
  • "The Prima Donna is a beautiful thing and her Voice gives my weary soul the respite that it needs, when it has seen too much death." -Jaana Adair
  • "Vida is the sister I didn't have before, but should have. Cross her at your peril, as I'm not alone." - Spandex McQueen
  • "A sweet song and a sweet voice to match a sweet heart. I couldn't have known I'd need a shoulder as badly as I did, as far gone as I was, but Vida did." - Vahi
  • "Apologize to the lady if you are particularly fond of your bones." - Magnus


OOC Information

Player: Michael McGough US2002021192
Storyteller: Kate Wadey

Location: Phoenix