Vidal Jarbeaux

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Vidal Jarbeaux


Alternative Names: The Fox
Embrace date: 1768 CE
Generation: 7th
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Margaret d'Hautmont
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Current Location: Active in the Northeastern US
ST Point of Contact: NE RST


General Information

Vidal Jarbeaux, also known as the Fox, is one of the Camarilla’s top Archons and is assigned to the Toreador Justicar. He is a master of disguise and has assumed many different faces over the centuries in pursuit of the Camarilla’s agenda.

Vidal dresses in the finest clothes from around the world, turning heads wherever he goes. He uses a smile to disarm the suspicious and carries a red rose to catch the wary off-guard. He also carries a sword-cane for defense when the smile doesn’t work.

Titles and Accolades

♦ Archon, In service of Justicar Guil

Known Childer

♦ Christianne Foy

Past Locations

♦ unknown

Privileged Information

Toreador Lore:
♦ Vidal was born into a middle-class family in France during the 18th century. With his charms, quick wits and natural graces, he was able to con much money from the aristocracy, fooling many into believe he was of a higher station than he actually was. Being a scoundrel who can charm his way into any situation, his schemes impressed the Toreador of Paris, leading to his embrace.

♦ However, he quickly fell out of favor in the Courts of Love. They grew bored of his antics and claimed that he had lost his special touch. Determined to prove them otherwise and to keep his own passions alive, he began to search new challenges, every one more difficult than the last. He left France just before the Revolution, which destroyed many of the Kindred who were known to him. For a long time, he wandered the world, impersonating people and attending the highest courts of power, kindred and mortal alike, but he never achieved the thrill he used to when he was mortal.

Cathayan Lore:
♦ Was involved in historical confrontations with the cathayans in California.


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