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Modern Style:


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Character Information

Name: Vidal St. Croix

Clan: Daeva

Covenant Invictus

Age 200 appears 24

Invictus Title Librettist: a connoisseur of arts and entertainments,responsible for event planning or detecting forgeries.

Notable Traits

  • Long white/blond hair.
  • This man wields eyeliner like a damn paint brush.
  • Clothing ranges from formal to goth.


  • Born 1820 into a wealthy family rumored to have connections to the Catholic Clergy during the French Revolution.
  • Education: Private school with a focus on the arts, religion, and business.
  • Apprenticed to clergyman who happened to be a traveling Hunter/Relic collector.
  • He was instructed in how to handle a blade as well as consecrate weapons.
  • He inherited his mentor's collection of heretical objects upon his death.
  • His father was furious when he discovered his son was not learning to be a proper clergy.
  • He was recalled home for re-education with a focus on taking over his father's art business.
  • He excelled in this area finding he could still collect items polite society would find scandalous.
  • He met his sire at an auction house outbidding him for a piece of heretical art.
  • Disappeared that night along with the art and ghouled to see if he would be worthy of the elite damned.
  • 1844 embrace granted and training as an Invictus began.
  • 1844-1950: Open time of training with the Invictus in France. It was during this time,he was allowed to continue work of using his wealth and the wiles of the Daeva blood to expand his art collection as well as continuing to gather items of heresy.
  • 1950 found him suddenly being reassigned overseas to a sleepy sea side city in the middle of

a political struggle as the Invictus needed a fresh asset of wealth to be introduced into the area.

  • It was sheer luck that Vidal meets up with Zeb. Pace, a Carthian who had a vision for the city

looking for others who were willing to back a social experiment. Figuring he had nothing to lose, Vidal agreed to aid.

  • That aid turned into a business partnership when Zeb decided to set up a Non profit organization to buy the Grand Theater. He in turn put Vidal in charge of operations. Not long after, Vidal acquires other properties around the area to showcase his art.
  • As a sign of good faith to other kindred, he extends the offer for others to use shops in the area should they choose to set up business. Dani of the Ordo accepts the offer setting up a small shop to ply her business.
  • Joins a Coterie named "The Foundation" whose purpose was urban renewal of the area to help the city regain economic stability after the Flood. As time passed they turned their efforts to other urban projects to enhance the city while behind the curtain kindred politics flourished.

Invictus Training

  • His training consisted in social graces to navigate the local court.
  • He's known by the right people with the right connections to be an Exorcist.
  • Trained Investigator with a talent for forensics.
  • He's known among the art community and black market for being able to detect forgeries.

Businesses Owned

  • Vidal was granted the Grand Performing Arts center which caters to theater, concerts and other styles of performance art.

  • The store front shops cater to the tourist industry of local products as well as items crafted or services offered by Kindred.

  • One of the shops serves as his art gallery featuring his works as well as other pieces for display or commission work with proceeds going to sponsor the arts of the community as well as public education and city services.

  • Airline Pub offers locals a taste of exotic brews from Zeb's Distillery as well as brews local and import.

  • He owns a rather unique book and antique shop known as the Big Chicken Barn: Books and Antiques.

  • He owns a casino called The Tempest.

Associates and Companions of Mischief

  • Anna Hale: Sells her Photography work at one of his galleries.

her skill and grace with dance truly makes her the Siren of the forest and stage.

  • Melinoe Addams: My favorite shadow to patron. I dare not ask what Gods or Goddess are receiving with my briefcase tribute, only that it makes her smile and that alone is enough.

  • Dani Gibbons: A specialist with ghosts, Dani is proficient with the occult in general and operates a boutique in Vidal's shops.

Rumors,Gossip,Secrets,Oh My!

  • Banished a minor demon haunting a family. Afterwards the family had no recollection of ever putting in a call for an Exorcist.
  • He has a collection of art depicting demons he keeps locked away he's acquired through black market dealings,smuggling operations,or out right theft.
  • His art may grace the haven's of prominent kindred.
  • May be a Chevalier Servant.
  • May have once been a Crone.
  • His rebellious nature led him to meeting up with the local Crone slipping them money to help fund several of their projects curious if their pagan ways actually were real magic or simply smoke and mirrors of the old Victorian Parlors.
  • Has some form of Animalism that controls the wolf he hunts with.


"There are times when I catch myself dancing too close to the line with you Vidal, darling." -Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow

"Polite, but there is obviously more than meets the eye. I look forward to see his growth." - Collette Durand

"He has dabbled with the shadows enough to know what merely bites and what...devours, but has he dabbled too far to pull back?" - Lucian St Germain

Ties Sought

  • Lovers
  • Fellow Hunters of things that go bump in the night.
  • Art collectors, Performers, surprise me for those who want ties to his business area.

OOC Information

Player: Mindy Kolp

Member Number: Us2002034157

St email: Location: NE Region

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