Viktor Petrov

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Name:Viktor Petrov
Clan:Sons of Discord, Valkyrie
Generation:Ancilla, 9th
Sect:Sabbat, Ultra Conservative
Pack:The Internal Fire
Initiated, Enforcer (Templar)

    Viktor is a 9th Generation Son of Discord, embraced in 1694. Russian by birth, he is a staunch and vocal proponent of freedom from oppression in all forms. He's spent his unlife fighting for his life against the purges of The Sons of Discord by the Daughters of Cacophony, and for the Anarch cause of Libertas wherever it needs defending.

    Recently, the desertion of the Vancouver Anarchs to the Camarilla left him questioning the meaning of loyalty, and what true freedom is. When his former Gang member Paige reemerged from her disappearance as the Sabbat Blood Accords Ambassador, his eyes were opened to what true freedom can mean, and what heights he can reach if he only lets go & gives in.
"We've got the right to choose it, there ain't no way we'll lose it,
This is our life, this is our song." - Twisted Sister
Further Information
Notable Traits
    • Supernatural Aria, empowering his singing to angelic levels (8 Dots)
    • Fluent in English, Russian, Mandarin, and Punjabi
Known History
    • 1694; Embraced in Veliky Novgorod, Russia.
    • 1694 - 1749; Resided in various Russian cities.
    • 1749; Sire is killed by a Daughter of Cacophony, sent by their Luminary.
    • 1750; Joined the Anarch Movement, and Free-State Militia.
    • 1750 - 2019; Resided in Europe, primarily France, Italy, Spain, & Russia. Traveling globally at times.
    • 2019, February; Traveled to Vancouver, BC.
    • 2019, November; Joined the Sabbat.
    • 2020, April; Creation Rites.
    • 2020, May; Studied under Inquisitor Valerie Evans. Named Templar by Archbishop Charon.
    • What have you heard?