Viktoria Byrd

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Commonly Known Information

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Viktoria Byrd
Notable Traits:
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador Ishtarii
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  • Born in 1902 Moscow
  • June 1904 Parents killed in the tornado that torn through Moscow. Viktoria went to live in the Moscow Orphanage.
  • 1905 she started training with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Students were often picked out from the orphanages to train. She was a good student and showed talent early on.
  • 1918- leaves Moscow with a patron to escape the revolution. They make their way to Paris where she dances with Ballets Russes. She dances there for 4 years.
  • 1922- She is offered a position with the Operatic Association to teach in South Africa under the umbrella of the Royal Academy of Dance. She will teach for 4 years in Johannesburg.
  • 1926- She catches the eye of the vampire (Rowan James-Byrd) who will embrace her. They travel to Oklahoma where he is granted permission to embrace her by his prince. He will use her knowledge of dance to train her in the martial arts and she works under his tutelage to aid the court of Tulsa.
  • 1937- released from accounting. She will remain in Tulsa with her sire and work for the court.
  • 1987- met Walter who was in Oklahoma on business. He would employee Viktoria as a bodyguard and teach her how to use her femininity to be an effective spy
  • 1990 Walter takes her to Arkansas. They reside in Little Rock for 3 years
  • 1993 Walter takes her to San Antonio and she is employed by Elder Narses Cato as a bodyguard and information gatherer. She joins the camarilla at this time. She will stay in that position until current chronicle
  • 2002- Assists during fight with Anarchs at the Governor’s Mansion. She becomes primogen for clan Toreador in San Antonio

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  • "Beautiful and gracious, she exemplifies what it means to be a Toreador." - Vengeance
  • "Lovely lady, we have so many wonderful Toreadors in the city." - Mad dog Jack
  • "Loyal is her watchword, she represents her blood well." - Channon
  • "LoyI have met few of her blood with such a keen concern for the active maintenance of our society. Ms. Byrd and I have many nights of hard work ahead of us." - Felix Winchester
  • "I am beyond proud to have her as a grand daughter. There is nothing I would not do for family that is dear to my heart, and she has a place of honor." - Rowan Byrd
  • "Viktoria is the tits. Take that how you fucking like and you'll be right." - Paddy Murphy

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