Vincent Frost

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Vincent Frost

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Vincent Frost is around 6 feet tall and looks to be in his mid 20's. He often wears a dress shirt and tie with a leather jacket and slacks. Can often be seen with the newest and best tech on and off the market.


  • January 17th 1987 - Mortal Birth
  • 2000 - Family killed in car accident
  • 2006 - Business Begins
  • 2011 - Embraced
  • May 13th 2016 - Entered the Anarch Movement


Location: Indianapolis, IN
Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House Kardos

Gang: The Night Watch

Business: Frost Industries - "Build up your business with us!"

Frost has made it very clear he will do business with the Cam, Anarchs, Independent Alliance or Unaligned in modding current gear and creating new gear. You can email him for more information on services available at this time.




  • Committed to the Anarch Movement
  • Moniker (The Night Watch)


  • Yes


  • So Fancy


  • Is in constant competition with his broodmate to prove he is the better childe. Perhaps that's the reason he really joined the Movement.
  • Has a mortal brother and has fallen out with him...
  • Refused a business deal with the Giovanni pertaining to letting them have his workers souls and bodies after death


  • "This one is new and an unknown. This will be remedied." - David
  • "It is our duty to help and maintain mortal society, to better their lives, for they know not that they help us why should we not help them?" - Vincent
  • "He is a product of the women who instilled in him the importance of virtue and conviction." - Irma Kardoș
  • Your words - Name



  • Agent Q
  • Tony Stark
  • Business Tycoons in general

Ties Sought

  • Anyone interested in making mortal society better
  • Ventrue who are interested in business partners


  • Stuff


Player: Ian D. US2017030028
ST: Loren Reed