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L'attività familiare è una buona attività.
Family business is good business

Rendere l'uomo

Vincent is never in want of style. Regardless of the event, he has a tendency to dress sharply even for the most minor of gatherings. While he understands tact and will dress down appropriate for the particular settings, he understands that first appearances are everything. Known to wear black gloves, some wonder if this is just part of his persona or something more devious.

It isn't hard to describe Vincent Giovanni as he seems to more interested in making "friends" rather than enemies. Prior to the dissolution of the Promise, Vincent laid out offers of help to any who seemed to be in trouble. His price was simply that of "goodwill" - though if suggested he would accept a boon begrudgingly. While this may seem out of the ordinary, this spreading of "goodwill" is what eventually laid down the foundation for a smoother transition for those within Phoenix once the Independent Alliance was founded. When feathers were ruffled, Vincent simply reminded folks that when he was there for them and only asks they be tolerant of how things are now.

There were rumors in the past that Vincent bore a terrible temper. To add on to the rumor, stories among the unsavory types speak of a conversation supposedly overheard a few nights before the discovery of the pulped remains of a presumed crime boss who had gone missing after mouthing off about taking orders from an "outsider". The conversation was between two men with one saying, "Patience, Vincenzo. Soon. Very soon, you will have the opportunity to educate him as to the error of his perspective....". Whether or not the story is true is of little consequence because stories among the unscrupulous are as reliable as fisherman stories. Yet, those who are brave/stupid enough to try confirm with Vincent only get a firm pat on the back, a chuckle and half smile.

While it is not information he throws out casually, he quietly manages the interests of Clan Giovanni as the Don of Phoenix. A few prominent and powerful members of the Family died during the first Sabbat Crusade in the 1950s and it is assumed that this was when Vincent took over as the Don. The transition and his attitude created little waves and things ran as business as usual. As a founding member of the Independent Alliance - he quietly maintains the prosperity of his Family within the new sect. How he will continue to lead his Family into the future remains to be seen...

Stato & Permanenza

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

* Don of Phoenix
* Accredited as a Member of the Independent Alliance
* Loyal as a Founding Member of the Independent Alliance
* Venerated as an Emissary of the Independent Alliance
* Established as an Emissary of the Independent Alliance
* Courteous by Agnese Giovanni di Calderari, Virago

Dove Cominciano le Storie

1825 - Born on March 15 in Palmero, Sicily
1843 - Sent off the island to Venice proper and is gifted the Proxy Kiss into service of the Family
1880 - Sent to American in the 1880s to accompany older members of the Family in New York
1883 - Gifted the Embrace
1902 - Asked to support the Family's interests in the west, travels to Phoenix
1955 - Becomes the Don of Phoenix
2011 - Represents Phoenix as its Don during the formation of the Independent Alliance in Las Vegas
2017 - Took over the position of Emissary for the Independent Alliance in Phoenix

Lies e altre stronzate

Rumors, lies and half truths or things that may be entirely true - its hard to say...

* Vincent once screwed up so badly that he was almost denied the embrace
* His time as a ghoul for the Family is where he developed a taste for the dead...possibly literally
* He had a short fuse earlier in life that was eventually beaten out of him
* It has been known for him romance the women of Clan Tremere
* They say he is heartless - figuratively and literally
* He harbors a fascination with the Samedi, although cautiously so...

Piccola Conversazione

* "Vincencio is a brilliant and dangerous man. Like the Lionfish, he is as deadly as he is beautiful." - Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni
* "Vincenzo exemplifies strength, duty, and purpose; cornerstones of what preserves our family and what will allow us to succeed in the nights to come." - Cristiano Gasparo di Giovanni
* "A capable diplomat and keen negotiator. Rest assured that you got what you wanted, but remember... so did he." - Sebastiano Giovanni


These are characters from various movies and books that kind of put Vincent together

* - Sonny Corleone (James Caan), The Godfather - being the good & dutiful son
* - Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri), The Ususal Suspects - technically on the side of good but he's a violent & obsessive
* - "Gentlemen" John Marcone (Fiction), The Dresden Files - uses intelligence and influence to get his work done and prefers not to kill if he doesn't have to

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Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Giovanni - Unico Sangue
Position: Don & Emissary
Sire: Unknown
Generation Unknown
Lineage: Ignazio Giovanni (Rumored)
Bloodline: N/A

OOC Information

Player: Anthony Fuentes
Email: Email Me
Location: Tempe, AZ
Storyteller: Wade Yorke
Contact: DMH C/A VST

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