Vincent Jeremiah

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Vincent Jeremiah, Esq

Notable Traits: Keeper of Elysium / Ventrue Primogen

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue


A Philadelphia lawyer during the Revolution, Vincent participated in the Continental Congress and served President John Adams before being embraced into the Ventrue Clan at the end of the 18th century. Moving to the Jersey Shore in the early 20th century, Vincent Jeremiah is a well respected Ancilla within the Camarilla. Connected to multiple local kindred and serving as clan whip for half a century before taking the mantle of Primogen and helping lead the city into a time of peace and prosperity. Vincent is also the Keeper of Elysium and has been renovating and preparing the local Elysium over the past decade, getting it ready for an unveiling in the fall of 2017.


  • Vincent became Ventrue Whip in 1957. A year later, his Primogen Reginald Christensen seized Praxis under suspicious circumstances.

OOC Information

Player: Tony S

Player Email:

Storyteller: Steve Byrd

Storyteller Email:

Location: Philadelphia, PA