Violet Waters

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General Information

Name: Violet Waters
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Born: 1988
Embraced: 2014
Acknowledged & Noble within the Camarilla
Title or Position: Primogen of Clan Brujah
Notable Merit/Flaw: Scourge of Alecto


Violet is a curious and mischievous person who likes to poke hornet nests to see what will happen. She prefers to avoid open conflict, but will readily and deliberately antagonize others. She will do so just to get a rise out of her victim and to see if they expose some small piece of information that she might be able to use, often with little regard to the social costs of doing so.

Violet fancies herself a mastermind. She is quick to think up schemes, but often fails to fully consider their consequences. She will craft complex plans that account for A, B and C, only for them to invariably unravel when D happens instead. The actual benefits of her plans are also often poorly considered relative to the benefits she stands to gain. She does tend to learn from her mistakes and makes efforts to not repeat them, but she does so stubbornly and addressing the root carelessness that lies at the heart of the issue. All that being said, she seems to thrive in chaotic situations and despite her impulses can come out on top when she finds herself within them.

In Public

Violet seldom enters the public eye, preferring private meetings and the company of her ghouls and fellow Cainites. When she does go into public, it is anonymously and usually in pursuit of some goal or scheme. She spends many of her nights managing the fortunes of herself and others and the time not spent on that is usually put towards either studying her latest flight of fancy or working on her latest hair-brained scheme.


  • She is secretly an Anarch
  • Her Sire had some secret reason for embracing her
  • She is a Pyromaniac
  • She's a Sabbat infiltrator, here to cause discord between the Camarilla and Anarchs
  • Add yours here!


Said to/about Violet

"Again with the fire!?"
~ Jimmy Kincaid

Said by Violet

Pulls out a bottle of Blood Fizzy Drink.
~ Violet whenever she wants to suck up to a Primogen.

OOC Information

Venue: Vampire the Masquerade

Player: Elizabeth P.

MES Number: CA2018090601

Location: Vancouver, BC