Virgil Colfax

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Virgil Colfax

Notable Traits: Southern Gentleman and Cowboy

Society: TBD

Clan: Brujah

Social Station: Ancilla

Court Position: Keeper of Elysium




Great Grand Sire: Amyntas
Grand Sire: Konstantin_Rurik
Sire: Rory McCullough (NPC Deceased)
Progeny: Rain
Grand childer: Niko

Allies, Enemies and others


"I do so love that southern charm, if I knew any better I would say Virgil created and taught that very charm I love. He is an outstanding gentleman whom I am ever so grateful to have the pleasure of knowing. I also can say I do feel much safer whenever he is around, he is an excellent with firearms, quite possibly the best..." - Katheryn Maria Benoit
"As Sidartha searched along the Ganges for a teacher so did I seek a teacher in the streets of Bangkok. Little did I know it would be an American cowboy that came to save me, but he did and that I will not forget. For as the Buddha said 'you have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy' and this I will attempt to practice." - Rain
"My nephew is a true gentleman and a skilled warrior. He does the family proud. " - "Don Vittorio Cuoronero"

"Virgil makes any environment that much more pleasant. I feel safer, more comfortable, and definitely charmed when he is near." ~ Donzella Costigan
"Can I be like Virgil when I grow up?" - Pollux Xenos
"I used to lament about the loss of my brothers until I met Virgil. He's both as close and as distant from me as my own family." - Winifred Harriet Mickel


  • Virgil keeps the wanted posters of himself as a humble reminder of where he came from and where he is going.
  • Virgil has suggested gun fighting as a preferred method of kindred conflict resolution. An armed society is a polite society.
  • Virgil has been playing the long game for many years, what exactly is he up to?
  • Virgil is known to value politeness and is generally courteous to all.
  • Rumor here.


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed- Ancilla
  • Keeper Status
  • Sanctioned by Prince Amyntas
  • Honorable by Prince Amyntas
  • Favored by Amyntas



  • The Outlaw Joise Wales
  • Calvin Candi
  • Doc Holiday
  • Paladin (Have Gun will Travel)

OOC Information

Player: Vern Dorethy
VST: ST Info.