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Public Information


Concept: Political Visionary

Name: Vi

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: Anarch

Anarch Ideological Camp (Anarch Only): Revisionist

Anarch Gang

Position: None

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement

Fleeting Status

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Dignitas (Ventrue Only): Associate (Acceptable)

Blood Relatives


Sire: Dottie Youngblood

Lineage: House Kardos

Relatives of Note:

  • Pending

The Revolution







  • Has a fondness for having nice things, even if they don’t belong to her.
  • Insert your rumor here.


  • "Quite the interesting young Ventrue. I believe there is some significant promise here." - Catherine Foxley
  • "Fully determined to get what she wants when she puts her mind to it. Some could say she gets obsessed from time to time. Thankfully it tends to benefit the Anarchs more often than not." - Zero
  • "There are rumors of her being a Ventrue but she's not. She's stared down many larger than her, fought along side where others would run and reviled in brotherhood. She's no Ventrue, she's a pure Anarch." - Shepherd
  • "She's the first to dive into action, with a strong passion that cannot be fully put into words." - Eri Haruko
  • "If I didn't know better, I may question whether she was actually an infiltrator for the Camarilla, such is her mastery of politics." - Roach
  • "Keep underestimating her." - Domino

OOC Information

Michelle Menchaca

Cam Number: US2018100134
Home Domain: Orange County, CA
Email: phoenix-flame13 AT hotmail DOT com
ST Email: San Diego Masquerade VST

Also player of:

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