Virya Shringara

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Virya Shringara

When you starve darkness, it becomes hungry.


Known Information:

Name: Virya Shringara
Clan: Deava
Covenant: Acolyte of the Void
Description: A vibrant and sensual woman often clothed in fine earth-toned robes of silken material. Carries the air of goddess and while she is friendly, respectful, and caring, people often find themselves at her feet. She does not live openly as supernatural. This spiritual counselor from an elite family offers her emotional support mainly to the rich and powerful, but occasionally does work to help those in need of her services.


  • 4059: Born to an elite family in the core the same year the Supernatural Suppression Act was put in place
  • 4073: Became enamored with the occult and sexuality, initial interest in the divine feminine started to form
  • 4075: Her father was killed in what was labeled an accident. He had spoken out against the Supernatural Suppression Act in the past…
  • 4077: Intially went to business school with a leadership focus, but ended up more interested in the occult and therapy
  • 4079: Begun to form her own business as a priestess of the divine feminine and offering healing sessions and counselling for her clients many of which were business executives
  • 4120: Relocated to Cascade City with her ship

Details & Rumors

  • Offers individual and group counseling services

OOC Information

Player: Dorothy Feltner US2014120029

Storyteller: Josh Herman

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