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Name: Vittoria Giovanni da Canali Giovanni
Society: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 8th
Sire: Ferruccio Giovanni
Lineage: da Canali
Notable interests: Antiquarian, linguist, occultist, and general gopher for the da Canali
Noticeable traits: Ever present skirts and a Victorian flare for social niceties mark this character.
Always one to follow social codes and mores of bygone eras, she doesn't seem to care about updating her image to make others comfortable.
Some might call her cold and aloof.
Despite her frail appearance, Vittoria radiates an inhuman aura of hunger and power.

Title or Position: Padrona


Born: June 22, 1870, Venice, Italy
Proxy Kiss: April 4th, 1895
Embraced: April 4th, 1900

Vittoria Giovanni was raised as a Giovanni from birth, there were never blinders over her eyes to her family's strangeness in her life, for her the family has always been the normal for this woman. A family plagued by unforseen events leaving them with little money, but still entitled nobels, Vittoria's life consisted of study and use for her ability to interact with the shadowlands, even as a mortal. Though she no longer has some of her abilities that were innate to her mortal condition, her prowess with Necromancy has made up for any lack of natural ability now.

Ever loyal to her line and the family as a whole, Vittoria is not shy about her feelings on family members stepping outside of traditional norms.

About Her
"I once did a reading for her... I have never seen so many powerful shadows on a palm before. No I'm serious, mon I've read the palms of Lasombra and they didn't have the kind of work this woman be working with. Putting her on the not to be messed with. Anytime this woman comes in she can get a reading at a discount price it pays to stay on her good side I can just tell." - Black Lilac
"My cousin Vittoria keeps an upper lip to rival her namesake." - Aureliano Stefano Giovanni
"Vittoria is my favorite cousin. She's so much fun to sit and snark with, and in a city where the women of our family are few and far between, it's good to have another woman to spend time with." - Sofia Giovanni
"The absolute best thing about my dear cousin is if you want to be reckless, she may let you but you'll never be able to claim you weren't warned." - Arturo Pietro Giovanni
"If I could say I had a favorite member of the IA, it would be her. We have such a delightful time trading stories and taunting the imbecilic. Why can't they all be like her?" - Claire Bradford
"Vittoria possesses that mix of ambition, brilliance, cunning, shrewdness, and ruthlessness that you only find in Giovanni women. Underestimate her at your own peril." - Saul Rothstein
"She's a piece of work alright. She and I agree with great frequency about how much violence is necessary to resolve a particular situation." - Uncle Paolo
"Vengeance is pointless, but certain men do not have a place in the world we sought to construct." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
"I do not suffer fools gladly, but Vittoria makes me appear as an angel of infinite mercy by comparison." - Alessandro Giovanni di Calderari
"Growing up, my mother taught me submission was for the wise. Later, as a ghoul, I learned to bestow a quick death those who cower. Soon after my embrace I learned the slow death was sweetest when the foolish were your prey. Vittoria taught me my fourth and final lesson. She has my eternal submission." - Luciano Giovanni
"I know my sister as only a brother can. Her late husband taught me valuable lessons. My sister taught me when to apply them." - Valerius Giovanni
"Something to Say" - Someone

From Her
"I would kindly expect that even you understand the proper seating order in a gathering of our Family, Elders and Ladies first, so get your slovely hide out of the chair until it is time for you to sit." -Vittoria to another Giovanni.
"He said to do it, he did not say try, or get around to it, he gave an order, and it is up to you to proceed. I don't *care* who you think you are, right now you are a man that needs to go complete a task." -Vittoria again to another Giovanni.
"Oh lovely, yet another member of our family that just had to be different...." -Vittoria scoffing about something.


Vittoria's look of silent disapproval is cold enough to even bring those of the Clan of Warrior Scholars out of their most uncontrolled of frenzies.
Vittoria has been tasked in the past with training even English Nobility in the proper etiquette of her time.
Her scorn and criticisms of Princes and their lack of social decorum have toppled whole cities.
Vittoria has been seen chastising other Giovanni for their lack of decorum.
Vittoria has some very interesting skeletons in her closet.... no really, they are rather strange.
Vittoria did not have imaginary friends as a child. They were merely invisible to most, and now number among her most effective servants.
Vittoria was passed over for embrace several times. They finally couldn't say 'no' again, but they made Ferruccio do it.



Vittoria Giovanni

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