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Name: Lavinia "Vivi" Contreras
Home: Brooklyn, NYC



Relationship with Kyle & Trevor

  • Current status: ON
  • Reason: To everyone's horror, the addition of Trevor to the relationship seems to have stabilized everyone involved, and Trevile was born.

1988: Born in the Bronx, NY.
2001-2015: Dates Kyle off and on. And off. And on.
2007: After being accepted with a full scholarship to Columbia College's chemistry program, Vivi is falsely accused of drug dealing. Vivi is sent to prison for 2 years and loses the scholarship.
2009: After getting out of prison and having few to no job prospects, Vivi takes up drug manufacturing (and doing drugs herself) for real.
2014: Meets Dottie Youngblood, who helps her kick her addictions (by giving her a much more potent drug through vitae) and who takes her on as a ghoul.
2014: Begins to learn more about her bruja (the witch, not the clan) roots. Begins to dabble in sorcery. Develops strange and terrifying dreams.
2015: Meets Lucy and Jaguar through Dottie.
2015: Finds out Kyle is a vampire now. Starts dating him on and off again, much to everyone around them's dismay.
2018: Chooses a Lasombra sire.






  • "Vivi has more choices in her life than anyone I know, crazy as that sounds. And whatever path she ends up taking, I'm pretty sure she'll be terrifying at the end of it. I mean that fondly." - Lucy
  • "The Mesites and House Kardos have a peculiar little custom that crops up every few generations. I was once a Ventrue ghoul who was poached by the Assamites. Simon was an Assamite ghoul who was poached by the Ventrue. Will Vivi be the next one to dance the Kardos-Mesite two-step?" - Jack Rider, Prince of New York
  • "Vivi and I go together like peanut butter and pickles: lots of people don't think it's gonna work, but it does...unless you're a hater who thinks peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are gross, but fuck those people." - Kyle Morgan
  • "​Truly a delight to have met.​​ And to anticipate meeting again." - Leon Astorio
  • A more deserving childe than some people ought to benefit from. I should have taken her while I had the chance, but I allowed propriety to stay my hand. I won't make that mistake again. Luca Muscato
  • "Leave your quote here." - Character Name Here


  • Vivi is being groomed for the embrace by her Regnant.
  • Vivi is secretly unbondable, that's why she's an Anarch's ghoul.
    • No, Vivi is what happens when an Elder Ventrue tries to be an Anarch.
  • Vivi is actually a thin-blooded Caitiff with Blush of Life who likes trolling other Anarchs and listening in on conversations.




Vivi: Bubblegum Bitch

Queentex, latex, I’m your wonder maid
Life gave me some lemons so I made some lemonade
Soda pop, soda pop, baby, here I come,
Straight to number one.

Vivi: Dread in My Heart

There's a God-awful shitty feeling of dread in my heart,
Yeah, it's got a lot to do with haven't finished what I started;
And at any second now I think it all might fall apart,
'Cause there's a God-awful shitty feeling of dread in my heart, yeah.

Kyle: Wrecking Ball

You gotta want to be the drummer in the band
You gotta want to be a battering ram
You gotta see the artistry
In tearing the place apart with me baby

Dottie: Show Me What I'm Looking For

I'll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for, oh, Lord

Player Info

Player: Stan Stanley
Regnant's Sect: Anarch
City: New York, NY
VST: Marshall C.