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Name: Viviana
Nicknames: "V"
Clan: Lasombra
Faction: Knight Inquisitor - Orthodox

V, previously the pack priest of the Flames of the Forgotten pack, is a quiet woman whose adherence to faith is one that she imposes upon many others within the Sabbat. Old and without much ability to connect to the younger members of the Sword of Caine, she acts as a Knight Inquisitor in quiet, loyally fighting for the Judges and preaching the tenets of the Path of Heaven to all who will listen. Most recently, she has joined the Shadow Symphony, her old pack and childer merging into the older, larger pack.



  • Your Rumor Here!

Player: Kya Harris
MES Number: US2015090022
Location: San Diego, CA

Professor Windsor

City: San Diego, CA
Player: Kya Harris
VST: San Diego Sabbat VST