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Do you know the Voodoo Queen?

Name: Vivienne


Generation: Ancilla

Clan: Followers of Set

Sire: Djeserit al Malik

Lineage: Children of Nephilim

Temple: The Dream Court

Cult: House of the Eclipse

Sect: Independent Alliance

Current Location: Houston, TX

Diving Deeper Into Madness

Noteable Traits
  • Appears to be very self-absorbed.
  • She's clearly...disturbed.
  • Loves to accessorize.
  • She appears to always be judging someone.

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  • She's a descendant of a long line of New Orleans Voodoo Queens.
  • She's not scared of the boogeyman, the boogeyman is scared of her.
  • Where she goes, chaos isn't far behind.
  • She has voodoo dolls of all of her enemies.

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OOC Information

Player: Ashley W.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Dain Geist
Storyteller Email:
Location: Houston, TX