Vivienne Stanwyck

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  • Acknowledged in 1942
  • Abiding Status

Confirmed in 1992
Noble (Toreador Primogen of Austin) 2017

  • Fleeting Status

Favored by Barnarrd Koen in 2017


Reportedly, Vivienne was born in New York and raised there until her start in motion pictures. This took her to California where she was embraced into House Kensington. From there, several stories circulate about her Accounting. Some say a reclusive relative took her to London to educate her. Others insist she hadn't left Hollywood since the 30s. She has a very posh, British accent, which would suggest the first story, but not a soul has heard her speak of any time across the pond. More secure information doesn't pick up on her until around the 80s when she reached some acclaim for her work in low budget film that instantly became cult classics. She isn't at all a household name since she never actually appeared IN the films. Instead it is her work as a makeup and special effects artist that can be seen in such titles as, "The Murderous Mud Monster" and, "Cannibalistic Intent." The former is a movie so gory, so horrifying that it has been banned in several countries and put Vivienne on the outs with several, more heavy-hitting producers. Since her ability to join a major movie company was dashed, she moved out to Austin, bringing with her every investor and scrap of talent she could convince. Now she has her own company based out of Austin, and strives to bring the kind of fame and push to it normally given to companies like MGM and Paramount. All the while she serves her court as Whip of her clan in one of the most tormented cities in the US.



  • Olivia Collins owes prestation to Vivienne for cashing in some favors with a "Corday Productions" in Burbank. For what purpose? Only the two women know.
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  • "Fuck her. If they no have taken her out yet, I hope she is next one they get." - Landa Salinas
  • "Her skills behind the camera have brought me profit, but it's the way she shares her beauty that keeps us in her orbit." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "Oh, I saw her and her family dancing about our lounge. I hope she'll make herself a regular guest in the future." - Lillian Chandler
  • "Ah she is by far my most modern rose. On the cutting edge of movie pictures as well as fashion. I do not pretend to understand how it works, but I have her for that." - Lord Simon Kensington
  • "Ms. Stanwyck never fails to tickle the ear or to delight the senses. Her presence is ever pleasant, and often results in the most interesting of rewards." - Felix Winchester
  • "A rose by any other name, as they say. Her potential is yet unknown to me... Im certain she's whispered things in the dark thinking she's alone... but we always hear the inner most thoughts. A convenient truth about shadows... they never speak, though they see everything." - Diego Amador
  • "Hun snakker godt under press. Jeg respekterer det." - Olaf
  • "She is like one of those people who will like smile and say something that you're like, "oh, how nice" until you're all like feeding on some hot chick and then you like realize this b totes just like dissed you hardcore. Like everything she says is like telling you to like bless your heart."- Karma
  • "Polite little asshole, just like the rest of her lineage, which means-- like the rest of her lineage-- there's probably some pretty neat secrets under that mask of civil mockery."- Turmoil
  • "I wonder if she wears anything other than dresses." - Payback
  • "If you can't say anything nice, come sit next to me, sugar." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "She'll show you a good time, but it helps if you act innocent. She has a thing about corrupting the youth." - Not An Asshole Anarch
  • "Miss Vivienne is very charming. I do hope I was helpful to her. She seemed quite concerned about whatever vision she was given. I can relate to that." - Patience Benette
  • "She is always at the center of such lively conversations! Truly good company, if you can keep up with her pace." - Rosemary Cypress
  • "There is no quicker source of immediate information about the private goings-on of a Domain than a bored Toreador, and Ms. Stanwyck has been among the most helpful in easing my transition into the modern world." - Ezra of the Vanguard
  • "Ms. Stanwick is a kindred of incomparable grace and mischief. She's almost enough to distract loyal kindred from their work supporting the tower. . . Almost." - Xavier Langston
  • "Pleasant company, and hopefully a faithful client." - Charles Blaine
  • "Oh, my. What can one say that would do this woman justice? She's a gracious host, a welcoming conversation partner, and possesses a wit a quick as it is sharp. And such a lovely home! She makes me want to be her when I grow up, just the tiniest bit." - Cub
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Player : Nöel Lawson "Kat Luka"
Domain : TX-065-D
Region : South Central
Storyteller : Daniel Briscoe
Phys Reps : Snail Mail address available upon request