Vladslava Vasiliy

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Vladslava "Vlada" Vasiliy


Notable Traits: Never seen without her long black coat. Colorful streak through the center of her hair that changes colors occasionally. Speaks with a heavy accent and usually looks highly irritated.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue

Status 3



  • Acknowledged
  • Noble
  • Authority


Time Line

The Flatmates Coterie

Not much is known about Vlada's time before coming to Columbus, OH. She spent many years abroad in Europe, even after moving to the city. She frequently still disappears overseas to attend to business. Since being in the city she has served as Seneschal to the former prince Painswick, and currently remains the Seneschal under the current Prince DiMartinez.


Lineage: Not disclosed
Sire: Not disclosed
Childer: Not disclosed
Broodmates: Not disclosed


  • Vlada is actually a Brujah
  • Vlada is actually a Setite
  • Vlada once killed an Elder Nosferatu in a fit of rage
  • Vlada is a member of House Asher
  • Vlada's Sire, Broodmates, and Childer are all dead
  • Vlada is romantically involved with a Setite
  • Vlada is romantically involved with a Brujah
  • Vlada is in not one, but three coteries

OOC Information

Player: Addie Bolyard

Player Email: aaddaliekatee@gmail.com

Storyteller: Danny Atkinson

Storyteller Email: vst.columbus.ca@gmail.com

Location: Columbus, Ohio