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VSS Boundaries: Tri-Cities, WA and surrounding areas

IDST Name: Jimmie Chastain

IDST Email: dsttcmnd@gmail.com

Domain Code: WA-076-D

City Type: Camarilla and Independent Alliance jointly controlled city

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Unaligned and Anarch Movement vampires are rare in the city and openly Sabbat characters are not permitted per the setting rules.

Sect Boundaries: The Camarilla has control over Kennewick, Richland and the surrounding area west of the Columbia River. The Independent Alliance hold over Pasco and the surrounding area east of the Columbia River.

Theme: There Will Be Blood

Mood: Intrigue, struggle and discovery

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser

“I have learned things in the dark that I could never have learned in the light, things that have saved my life over and over again, so that there is really only one logical conclusion. I need darkness as much as I need light.”

-Barbara Brown Taylor

The Sabbat have controlled the Tri-Cities for almost a sixty years, but then they disappeared. The Camarilla have seized control of the power vacuum, but could not fathom why the Sword of Caine left. Some 30 years later, the Kine prosper under their new stewards, but the Jihad never stops. With the enemy gone and the Domain stable, Kindred begin to look hungrily at each other to fill their predatory nature.

City Description

The Tri-Cities are a Camarilla and Independent Alliance jointly controlled domain and members of other Sects are expected to follow the laws of the respective sects while visiting. Agriculture, real estate, research and industry have boomed since the Sabbat lost control of the city. There is an agreement of hospitality between the Camarilla and the Independent Alliance. Visiting members of the IA are expected to present themselves before the Camarilla leadership as visiting Cam members are expected to present themselves to the leadership of the IA. Kennewick is considered the Prince City and is the shining gem of the desert, and Pasco is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. While there is no formal Elysium, Clover Island is considered to be a small haven for Kindred and a place to seek a council with Doyen and Prince alike.

Camarilla Court
Prince: Bartok Sol (Nosferatu)
Seneschal: Raquel (Assamite)
Harpy Phil Pearson (Nosferatu)
Sheriff: Seth Mann (Malkavian)
Keeper of Elysium: Vacant
Scourge: Vacant

Primogen Council
Assamite - Roberto
Brujah - Vacant
Malkavian - Linea
Nosferatu - Phil Pearson
Toreador - Dray Castile
Tremere - Vacant
Ventrue - Vacant

City Timeline:

1891 - Pasco is founded

1904 - Kennewick is founded

1912 - Anarchs move into the area and begin to aid the locals

1922 - First Automobile Bridge connecting Pasco and Kennewick

1924 - Sabbat assault Pasco and wrestle control from the Anarchs

1936 - Sabbat finally end an 8 year struggle by slaying the Baron of Kennewick and scattering the Anarchs to the wind

1943 - A rail disaster in Pasco causes the small town of Richland to become a local transportation hub

1950 - Sabbat rally locals to build hydropower plants, population of Kennewick quintuples

1978 - Last known contact with Sabbat in the area, a Tzimisce was seen leaving the Richland by two Gangrel [PCs, NPCs]

1983 - First Camarilla enter the city and find no other kindred presence.

1984 - Camarilla and Independents begin struggling for control over the area.

1996 - The Camarilla and Independents come to a cease fire agreement and formally recognize each other's territory.

2001 - A torpored sabbat vampire is awoken on Bateman Island, the media cover it as a brush fire. [Local event, open for PC backstory]

2003 - The area enters a ‘golden age’ and populations boom

Storyteller Notes

Games are the first and third Saturday of each month

Soft Proxies, Hard Proxies and Visiting Players - In an effort to encourage visitors, travel restrictions will be limited to travel inside the domain unless driven by PC involvement. i.e. a PC restricts travel into the area using influence actions.

Soft Proxy - Soft Proxies are for players wanting their characters to visit the domain, but will not be showing up to games in person. Soft proxies require local notification and do not involve tests.

Hard Proxies - Character sheets must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance and must be accompanied by a document describing the PC’s goals during the visit, what plans they have in case of a conflict and a brief description of the PC’s personality/character. This should include a short sentence on what the character looks like and any kind of quirks they present when observed with heightened senses, whether they have diablerized in the last year, what Alternate IDs they will be using, etc.

Visiting Players - Please bring a copy of your character sheet for the VST and check in with him before game begins. It is also recommended that the PC contact local authorities in-game to ensure a smooth transition.

Plots to be run in the domain must be accompanied by a Plotkit, to be submitted 1 week (7 days) before the game the plot is to be run. This is to enable the VST and assistants to familiarize themselves with the plot prior to running it. Assistants are encouraged to submit plotkits and plot reports in writing (or via email) to the VST after finding PC generated plot. When a player decides to run off into left field and a ST must improvise a scene, the ST should note plot points and write up an after action report or plotkit as the scene requires.

Experience is awarded as 6 xp for attending a game and 4 xp for submitting downtimes with a maximum each month as described by the Graduated Cap.

Portrayal of a NPC is worth 6 xp for one character of the player’s choice.

Characters can receive up to 10 xp upon the approval of a completed CCD. XP can only be claimed after an approval number is issued from the database.

ALL characters must be on the database before entering play.

ALL characters requiring approvals must have an approval number attached to the items and must have been approved before entering play.

New players are exempt from this rule on their first game night, but any character created must be placed on the database as soon as possible.