VtM WB Event: Battle in the Urals

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The Battle in the Urals
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Called by an ancient Methuselah known only as Mother Ursa, a cadre of Gangrel joined a horrific army to assault a Lupine holy site, then betrayed their monstrous allies, breaking the assault lines and assisting the Lupines in overcoming their enemy.

Character Background Restrictions:

  • This event costs VIP Points for participation.
  • Only Gangrel may have backgrounds at this event

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note were present at this event:


Augustine Lock



Chaunce duFresne

Choctaw Joe

Colyn O'Mally


Honey Badger

John Arlo

Milo Ross

Nicholas Weaver

Nyr tunglfylling

Standing River

Tempest Wayne

Trip Line

Ula Olafsdottir


Uther the Raven