VtM WB Event: The Chicago Blood Accord

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The Chicago Blood Accord
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The Leaders of the Sabbat and the Camarilla meet in Chicago and author the Chicago Blood Accord - a blood contract that binds the two Sects in a temporary ceasefire for seven years. The Independent Alliance and the Anarch Movement are not invited. War between the Camarilla and the Sabbat becomes an echo of the Cold War filled with clandestine and covert actions.

Character Background Restrictions:

  • This event costs VIP Points for participation.
  • Only Camarilla and Sabbat characters may have backgrounds at this event

Vampires of Note

The following vampires of note were present at this event:

Alexander Riley

Alphonse Fontaine

Alwin Gerhardt

Andrew Jackson Monarch

Argus Schmidt

Ash Blake

Bianca Rossi

Bryson Cobb

Carson Dye

Charles Xerri

David Archer

Desarae Preaue de Avignon

Diego Levi

Donzella Costigan

Dragée Sauvage

Elliot Huntington

Ethan Allistar

Gwendolyn Breckenridge

Inga Tonna

Irma Kardos

Jack Jones

Jakob Hamzha Singleton

Jean Preaue

John Smith

Leonard Bourque

Luciana Santora DuVal

Macha Ruad

Madeleine Tonnerre

Michael Gallagher

Miranda Pryor

Owen VanderWald

Pau Lamarca

Phoebe Hughes

Pieter Solodovnikov

Richard Weber Du Val

Sean Jameson

Serafino Morreti

Severin Fountaine

Siegrid of the True North

Simon Flint

Stanislav Zakharov

The Flayed Man

The Iron Mask

Thelonious Regulus

Torben Kleiber

Wren Hollis