WTA WB Event: Siege of Shigalu Monastery

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Siege of Shigalu Monastery
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Character Background Restrictions:

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Shifters of Note

The following Shifters of note were present at the Siege of the Monastery in 1999:

The Wanderer

Fought to protect the Sept, and then carried the tale of its fall to the Sept of Glass and Steel.


Fought in the battle, and then helped guide the first packs to flee and hide.

The following Shifters of note were present at the retaking of the Monastery in 2009:

Ava Douglas

Made deals with spirits for aid, and helped translate with Wyrmspeak.


Provided knowledge and combat support.

Crazy Turtle

Went to protect the weak and wounded.

Christian St James

Brought into the battle as a cub by a pair of Elders.

Fell through the cracks

Created talens and aided in the battle.

Fists of Heaven's Ashes

Helped with spirits, umbral interactions, and rituals.

Grace of Heaven

Took part in scouting and tactical maneuvers.

Granny Violet

Helped bridge the gap between Garou and Fera, but lost much of her family in the battle.

Huojin 'Black Sun' Feng

Assisted in the defense and battle as a healer and battlefield medic.


Caused a distraction to let the Fera and Stargazer forces in.


Helped plan the eventual siege, and communicated the deep Wyrm Taint that made it impossible to save.

Nicolas Tewari “Cry to Heaven”

Helped to bolster forces and reduce seethe.

Paper Wolf

Helped heal and deal with spirits during the battle.

Raposa Prata

Assisted with planning and coordination of the attack.

River of Sorrow

Fought in the umbra during the siege.


Used previous knowledge of the Temple to help guide those he assisted in the siege.

Samuel Rand

Scouted and worked with other members of the Beast Courts to retake the Monastery.

Serenades the Lotus

Provided succor and boosted morale in the fight.

Shadow's Smile

Fought in the battle

Taihi Maki

Defended others in the battle.

Tokugawa of the Street

Present for the battle.

Victor “Haunting Laughs” Gregor

Performed scouting missions and saved several injured Kitsune.


Fought in the battle and helped clean up.