Walker Coney

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Walker Coney

Notable Traits: walks with a cane, eyes are weird

Society: None

Clan: Malkavian


Walker Coney walked into the world fully formed 20 years ago. He seems familiar, but you don't know why. He seems to have a distaste for Kindred politics and only aligns with the highest bidder.


  • Walker is far older than what he portrays. He is said to be an experiment by the truly old, mad ones.
  • He has something big on the elders of all the factions. Why else could he continue as unaligned for so long.
  • He has no memory from more than 20 years ago. It is rumored that he had been cursed by an awakening Antediluvian to be sure to never reveal their location.

OOC Information

Player: Geoff P.

Player Email: Koenig.ein@gmail.com

Storyteller: Houston VST

Storyteller Email: houcam.vtm.vst@gmail.com

Location: Houston, TX