Walks the Shadowed Path

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Information Known to the Nation

Name: Walks-the-Shadowed-Path


Auspice: Ragabash


Notable: Leader of the Redeemers of the Bitter Frost

Pack: Watchers of the Gates of Night

Faction: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Undisclosed


Walks the Shadowed Path spent many years as a Bane Tender, many believe that it was his constant exposure to the bound Wyrm spirits that influenced him and the other members of the Redeemers’ new held philosophy. One of the founders of the Camp, he spends most of his time trying to bring newer members of the tribe to the thinking that the Wyrm need not be destroyed, only redeemed. When he is not teaching, Walks spends his time defending the members of his fledgling Camp from the accusations of heresy.

Though he was born homid, no one knows his real name; nor where he comes from, though he is unmistakably Latino. Wearing black always no matter the heat, he can be found most often sitting in some shade, smoking.

Truth and Lies

Wolf s path by jenova87-d5oov4q.jpg
  • The world... this whole world... is an illusion from the devil, the rex mundi;

concealing himself by falcifying all of history -Walks the Shadowed Path

  • "I do not understand the need for "guyliner". We are Garou; not some sad reincarnation of Poe." Jaimie Roschenko
  • "Bane-tending aint easy. Just look at that poor slop." Sovereign Sun



  • Was once seen at a deserted crossroads speaking to a hooded figure.
  • Hates Hip-hop to the point of frenzy
  • Kept a corpse in his closet for five years, won't explain why

ST: Jaimie Spencer

ST Email: aanst.chief@apoc.mindseyesociety.com

Location: The 7th Sphere of Hell