Walks with Spirits

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Walks with Spirits (Sigil)

Notable Traits:

  • His fur colors forms a sigil on his back.
  • Smells of wolf at all times.

Pack: Seiryuu's Chosen

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring


Mostly always in Lupis form. He is but three years old and has made great strides for the Garou nation upon his 1st change.


  • "Sigil is a great Guardian and his skills varied. Very quiet, though, so I can't help but wonder what he thinks of my loud mouth." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "OH THANK GOD." - Ember Fannon
  • "I feel in good company with Sigil. He is so tranquil and steady." - Choden
  • "Your Quote." - Your Name


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OOC Information

Player: Justin W.

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Storyteller: Stephanie W.

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Location: Austin, TX