Wallie Barde

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Wolfgang Waldo Barde aka Wallie

Notable Traits: Wallie is from the Texas Hill Country and it shows.

Pack: Thunderstruck

Auspice: Kataribe

Sept: Sept of the Bayou's Blessing


Wallie spent the first 29 years of his life blissfully unaware of his true nature. He graduated with BA in History from the University of Houston, an MA Japanese History, and Ph.D. in Public History from the University of Texas at Austin. He went back to his hometown of Fredricksburg, TX and worked as a museum educator at the National Museum of the Pacific War. In 2009 on Pearl Harbor Day, things took a turn. Wallie was a Kitsune. He spent the next year searching for answers. He found them in a rare bookstore in New York City's Chinatown. The owner told him of a Chinese man who often asked for the same type of books that Wallie was looking. He met his Master, Baihu soon after and spent the next 8 years with him. After the events of Midsummer, Wallie decided it was time to visit his Dad back home. He never knew his Mom, as she had died in Childbirth. He decided to stay in Texas and called up Anna Marston as he had some dealings with her in New York when she passed through. He got a job working at Asia Society in Houston and has joined the Sept there.


  • Wallie is distrustful of other American born Kitsune.
  • Wallie met Bai Minaxi once at a Schwarma shop on the Upper East Side.
  • Wallie makes a mean chili and brews his own beer.


OOC Information

Player: J. Andy Lambert

Player Email: Email Me

Storyteller: David McCorkell

Storyteller Email: Houcam.wta.vst@gmail

Location: Houston, TX