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Heed the Words of Mother Bear.
Obey the Litany.
Defend the Caern.

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Walter Black, Deed Name unknown

Notable Traits: Grumpy, but self-assured. Takes himself and most other people very seriously. Never wears shoes, and is always seen in homid form wearing suspenders and a plain white T-shirt.

Pack: None yet.

Sept: Unknown (Not established in Chronicle)

Walter Black is a world-weary man whose curmudgeonly nature is a mask for a gentle heart that has seen too much suffering in this world. Born in the 20s and undergoing his first change after witnessing firsthand the atrocities of the front lines of WWII, Walter has gone through a lot in the last 90 years. Though he tries his best to provide aid to those who cannot help themselves, the things he's been through combined with his knowledge of the history and lore of the shifters has left him more than a little jaded.

In late 2015, he helped deliver the Shard Seed to Austin, TX, and participated in the ritual to bring the Shard Caern to life. Since then, he has dedicated his life to the Shard Caern's protection, serving as the Caern Warder.


  • Born 1925 in Austin, TX to Lucille and Johnathan Black.
  • Undergoes the First Change in 1942, while fighting on the front-lines of World War II.
  • Wakes up in Okinawa after the first change, with no memory of what happened, in the care of a Kitsune kinfolk named Yusuke (the father of Suki, played by Melanie Green).
  • Spends 2 years with Yusukue, coming into control of his powers, and returns to Austin.
  • In 1951, he meets Mato Darkfeather from San Antonio, a fellow Gurahl who would become his Buri-Jaan.
  • From 1952-1954, Walter spends his time working as an activist for the growing anti-segregation movements, undergoing his Gallivant.
  • In 1955, Walter becomes Uzmati, and takes up work as an advocate for young people, working with universities to protect the destitute.
  • In 1966, after the UT Sniper shooting, he enters hibernation-- walking the depths of the Umbra.
  • Awakens in the mid 70s and Refreshed from his hibernation, takes up arms with the growing environmental movements throughout Austin. In short time, he advances to Kojubat.
  • Continues to work with the poor and the destitue, despite having seen the worst of humanity.
  • In 2010, when life became very difficult for shifters, moves to Buda in order to stay close to his influences. Continues his isolationist ways, until 2015.
  • In 2015, he learns that the Garou are bringing a Caern seed to Austin, and meets up with "Treads-the-Deep-Earth", Elder Silent Strider, to deliver the seed to Caern. After participating in the Ritual of Burrowed Earth, he takes on the role of Caern Warder.


  • Walter is secretly part of a conspiracy of Fera that is trying to sabotage relationships between Fera and the Garou.
  • He says he has no memory of his First Change, but he knows he did something terrible.
  • They say he is only in Austin because he owes somebody a great debt.
  • They say he doesn't care much for Bat, and wishes he had been consulted on what Spirit to dedicate the Caern to.


  • "His dedication to Gaia and her ideals is so great that he would put his own life at risk for a Nation he was not yet a part of. His strength and stalwart nature are an example to us all." - Geralt ibn Herza
  • "Glad the Warder has his head on right. He has big shoes to fill but I am sure he is up to the task." - Jason Rykr
  • "I'm honored to have been given the chance to prove myself as a Guardian to him." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "It is said that all zen wisdom descends from one man who would not turn away from a teacher's wisdom when asked." - Tsomo
  • "It's clear that he has dealt with pain and betrayal, but I think he has found new hope in what we have done together." - Justice in the Shadows
  • "The Warder is a wise, steady fellow. Never let his outward appearance cloud your perception of him." - Ember Fannon
  • "Uncle Walter may be gruff but he has been there for me. I appreciate what ever wisdom he can share with me." - Beatrice Grant
  • "Some say Walter is an enigma due to his desire to protect the helpless and his immediate threats of Death to the other... shifters. I, however, see through him. He is full of fear and sadness and these make him paranoid and blind. I would help him if he trusted me." -Josiah
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