Walter Pennebaker

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Walter Pennebaker



Notable Traits: Creepy as hell, but almost frighteningly intelligent


Clan: Clan Tremere


Walter served as Harpy of Alexandria, Louisiana for over 45 years under the Praxis of Prince Alec of Clan Brujah. He hated it for the most part but became quite adept and playing the political game. He was relieved to be summarily booted out of the position when Charles DuVal took Praxis under somewhat shady circumstances but he wasn't allowed to really let his freak flag fly, so to speak. He has recently been implicated in some bad plots with Elder Xavier Domingo Brownstone Diaz but has been exonerated after paying Boons to the proper Kindred. He continues to advise Harpy Lillian Bezna and act as her Talon.


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OOC Information

Player: Ronnie Bryan

Player Email: Storyteller Name: Casey Turner

Storyteller Email:

Location: Alexandria, La