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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jane "Wanders-the-Umbra" Smith

Notable Traits: Bitten, Absent Minded, Curious

Pack: N/A

Society: N/A

Sept: Sept of the Endless Skies


1990 - Born, to two human parents

2009 - Flies to Tibet in search of "enlightenment", Discovers a rebuilding stargazer monastery, begins working to earn a place at the monastery

2010 - Earns the right to seek enlightenment from stargazer monks

2013 - After learning what could be taught, begins physical training

2015 - Receives the bite as the final Initiation. Was entirely aware the act could kill her before undergoing.

2017 - Passes rite of passage and is given the rank Cliath

2018 - Is sent into the world, "to find potential and lost cubs and kinfolk and to aid them in returning to the monastery" as her overall mission.


  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Love me a Stargazer. Wanders is a great gal, also practices Tai Chi, I'll have to arrange a session with her soon!" - Damage Control
  • "Seems a good sort. Willing to help at short notice. I'd like to talk more with her sometime" - Naomi
  • * "Good sparring partner with a kind heart. Hope to get to know her better." - Raine SafeGuard

OOC Information

Player: Catherine/Claire Quinn

Player Email: Hyde.the.truth@gmail.com

Storyteller: David Saunders

Storyteller Email: katharsis.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Hamilton On