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"When you can do the things we can do, survive the punishment we can, and the terrible things happen in the world still. Those terrible things happen because of us, because we didn't try harder, and push back more. "


John has a long storied background better left told by the timeline of his life and the events he has touched. Currently he spends much of his time working with the Road Warders keeping the physical methods people use to travel the United States open. recently he has returned to the South West of the country hearing that much of its cities are struggling. However, John-Paul has been around so long he has made contact with many a sept and their people, sadly some that are no longer around.

However, are you one of those people?

Is your Sept one of the ones John has been to?

John-Paul "War Horse" is best known for working with cubs, kinfolk, and pre-changers. He is the "fun uncle" type who was always willing to babysit to give parents much needed nights off, assisting with Den Parents to help lighten their loads, and teaching kids all sorts of cool things. Not a Galliard of sorts, but his life time has given him a chance to soak up lots of stories and able to repeat them to kids, sometimes making mistakes on purpose to draw them in and correct them and let them tell the stories themselves. He was also the kind of baby sitter that let you do the things your parents wouldn't, like stay up late, watch scary movies, and eat candy.

When John visited a sept he was like post man bringing letters, packages, and trinkets from all around the world. he never forgot a child's name or face, always knew to bring them something from pulling it out of his backpack that seemed to have more space in it than it should. John was a fun and lovable guy to be around, compassionate and fierce when needed to be. protective of the small ones, letting them have their current wonder of innocence of the world, even to the defense of parents and teachers who thought it best to bring a child's fancy to heel on the cusp of 'proper garou rearing'.

John would stay involved in the lives of the children up till they passed their Rite of Passage. After that, unless they were a Bone Gnawer he moved on, only coming into contact with that person when they were well into their adult life. This may have left some feeling abandoned, or forgotten, but that is rarely the truth. Some understood and had the insight to know John was stepping aside to let the tribe they chose become the new part of their life, and for them to grow as part of that culture now.

John has a lot of ties to native american culture and history. He grew up around it, immersed himself, and lived next to that portion of history. To this end he has lots of respect for the tribes of the Wendigo, Uktena, and others who live like them, as well as he works heavily to aid and assist Native Cultures all through out the United States.


In his most common of forms, Homid, War Horse appears much as the pictures on this page. He is an older man who looks to be in a very fit and healthy late forties early fifties range with salt and pepper graying hair. His eyes are a steel blue that almost look silver in some light. he has scars all over his body, some poking out from under the collar and sleeve of his shirt. Tattoos are common enough on him, but covered under his clothing. Some of them are very very old, touched up regularly when he can, and seem to all be very personal.

Clothing for him is items that fit well and look to be comfortable. He likes work boots or walking shoes, jeans that are either pale from age or dark from the dirt of life staining them. He wears shirts, old and faded, a belt, and has a classic leather jacket he keeps around. The most signature item he has is his old leather backpack. It has changed and shifted over the years, but many who know of him know of it as well. A bag that is adorned with stickers, patches, and key-chains from the many Septs he has been to and children who have lovingly placed these items on it when he wasn't looking.

His Lupus form is a classic wolf hound appearance that has mixture of Red Wolf and German Shepard. Much like him the form is dotted with scars and marks of battle and age. In some cases, his back pack does not meld as it items do form many, but forms to fit him like a pack suited for a work dog, still carrying its old and personalized look.

The forms between take on a mixture of these traits blending them with the impressive muscle mass that is gifted to changers for fighting for a better tomorrow with all they have.


* Yes, John-Paul "War Horse" has the merit Longevity.

Time Line

La Nouvelle-Orleans (May 11th, 1719): Birth

Now Tupela, Mississippi (1736 to 1742): Fought in Chicksaw Wars. Went through first change in the year 1736, switched sides after seeing all the horror of the battles and learning what the French was fighting the Natives over.

British province of New York, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire (1744-1748): King George's War, was again a soldier, Fought on both sides, was a scout, spy and saboteur for the Gaians. Sided mostly with the first people when discussions of tribal superiority came up, but stayed mostly to human affairs and watching them. Again, started to hate war, and how it impacted everything, yet couldn't shake the feeling it was where he is supposed to be.

Baltimore/London (1756-1763): Seven Year's War; had married and tried to settle down. Started noticing something was wrong, that he was not getting wrinkles and gray hairs. Tried to leave war behind, but when the Seven Years War started the British were attacking French families. His Wife and son were killed by soldiers, and he was force back into the fight. Chased the battle back to Europe and made contact with Bone Gnawers in London to chase down the officer that had killed his wife. Made some contacts in local Sept.

Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey (1775-1783): American revolution; After returning home again to settle in Boston. tried to forget war, battle and everything. Started noticing he is not aging. While trying to find answers assumed he was cursed by a spirit. The war broke out and again he was called into action fighting for the people. Acting as a scout, spy, assassin, and saboteur. he found a solace in battle, being relied on. He wasn't a funny man, and was becoming more distant from those around him with his recent realization.

France (1792-1802): French Revolution; traveled back to Europe a year prior. The connection he had mad e in London reached out to him. They felt the waves of war coming, and needed someone who had moved among men and understand their way. He sailed back to France and helped with the French revolution, employing similar skills and supporting the poor, peasant class and related with their suffering.

New York (1812-1814): War of 1812; returned home to aid in the battle against the British.

Chihuahua region, Later Western Texas (1846-1848): Mexican-American War; Wanted nothing more with mankind's wars and battles he moved west to try and make sense of the "curse" laid on him. He meets with Uktena and many of the Native tribes int he area to try and just live and learn what the spirits want of him. Is drawn into the fighting when native people are pressured to join sides or pushed out of their homes.

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois (1861-1865): American Civil War. Moved north through the states trying to escape and help others escape north through the battles. Engaged some of the fights and wars, but never a lasting effect. Has started to find his calling, as a War Horse, helping guide those through battle and to safety. Tiring of battle, and the slaughter of innocent people he moves west to escape the bloodshed.

Japan (1865-1914): Boshin War; Moved to Japan trying to live among the people as just another foreigner. Started to research his condition more, trying to understand why he was cursed to live forever in a constant state of war. Made contact with French people as they came over to support the empire, later made contact with Jules Brunet. Sided with Brunet to support the Empire during the Boshin War and became a part of history in Japan.

The European Front (1914-1918): World War 1 on the European front fighting for the Allied forces.

France, Germany, Poland, Russia (1939-1945) World War 2 All over Europe and parts of Russia. Allied force, but with his skills masqueraded on the enemies side to run sabotage and spy missions, especially against supernatural forces. A piece of him died inside when he watched video footage and heard of the Bombing of Japan. he had witnessed what he thought was the embodiment of the Wyrm itself manifesting in modern form to eradicate all life.

South Korea (1950-1953) Korean War; After what he saw and experienced in WW2 he found resolve as The War Horse to help people, to save as many innocent lives. To try and bring relief to the people who suffer worst from such battles. helping people escape to safety, trying to be whatever they needed to get to safety.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos (1955-1975) Vietnam War; Again, seeing people get caught int he middle of an ugly violent war he moved to try and get people to safety. He finally saw the Wyrm's War engines, the embodiment of its aspect of War in these battles and took tot he fight to also do what he could to slow it down, dismantle its machines, and attack its key figures. A sense of dread and impending doom settle din when seeing his efforts had little impact in the long run against such a titanic feeling entity.

America (1976-1990): After Vietnam battle she took to the streets of the states, moving about trying to help the people who were lost to the alleys and spaces between society. He made contact with many Sept's, aiding where he could when passing through. Helping set up paths and places for Road Wardens. He thought he finally come to peace with no longer feeling a pull to such wars.

Middle East (1990-1998) Gulf War; Something pulled him to the Middle East during the Gulf War. Again, people displaced, their lives destroyed, he moved among American Soldiers, using equipment and understanding the way to feign being a soldier to allow him closer access to the refugees that needed a War Horse to get them to safety. he helped people get away from battle, and again in some places saw the Wyrm's entity, Pentex, using the war as a way to gain access to parts of the world it didn't have before in the form of Oil Companies, Mercenary groups, and with the support of Governments.

Battle with Zmei Trevero (1999)

Rite of the Still Skies (2009-2010)

Rumors and Quotes (Feel Free to add some of your own)

Rumors, lies and half truths. Add your own.

* "I've known him since I was born, and I'm better for it - though I called him "Uncle" back then. He goes where he is needed, I am honored to have him back as a part of my life for as long as he chooses to remain ." - Sings in Defiance


Sources of Inspiration for this character

* Brutus, from the web comics Brutus and Pixie. https://www.instagram.com/pet_foolery/

War Horse 003.png

General Information

Name: John-Paul Francois Desmarais
Deed Name: War Horse
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Breed: Homid
Rank: Elder
Pack: Left Field Pragmatists
Packmates: Amber Lauren Sings in Defiance Dottie Lovett Kills with Red Tape Rises from the Earth Alistair Cross

OOC Information

Player: Daniel Goode US2010096650
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Daniel T Goode
Contact: San Diego Apoc VST