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  • Aliases: Babita Wasim
  • Embrace date: 680 CE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Warrior)
  • Sire: Jamal (deceased)
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned (Mountain Loyal)
  • Current Location: Alamut
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Assamite

Physical Description

Wasim is a short, portly, middle aged woman with very long black hair. She wears long colorful skirts and wears her hair in tight buns.

Brief History

Born around 550 CE. As a mortal, Babita Wasim, was the child of a Muslim sailor who worshiped Hubal and a Telugu spice merchant. Babita shared her father's faith. She grew up to be an architect who specialized in carving temples from solid rock. She had the knowledge of carving straight down through one piece of rock to create entire structures. A local Assamite in Ellora, India, saw her skill and wanted to take her to Alamut in order that this skill be preserved and known to the clan. However, a local Ravnos wanted to keep her there right where she was. The Ravnos killed the Assamite and ghouled Wasim, trapping and confining her to the temple site. Wasim proved unbondable, and resisted the Ravnos's control. She was his prisoner for many years.

In 680 CE, Jamal and Bakr had just finished a mission. The two of them were then sent on another mission to India to discover the fate of the missing Assamite. They found the Ravnos and his prisoner, Wasim. The two Kindred were impressed that she had resisted the Ravnos's control for so many years. Jamal embraced Wasim (a devotee of her father's faith in Hubal) as a show of respect to Bakr's faith.

After her training, Wasim was tasked with embracing Karif al-Numair in 717. Her skillful handling of that embrace showed that her training was complete.

In more recent times, Wasim and Bakr betrayed Jamal in order to hide their own religious beliefs.

Current Status

Wasim serves on the Sasila with her childer Karif and sire's brother Bakr. She is devoted to Alamut and Ur-Shulgi, but secretly retains her faith in Hubal. A secret she shares only with her sire's brother, Bakr. If her childer knew of her betrayal, he would likely turn her over to Ur-Shulgi.

Known Childer


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