Westwind Featherstone

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Name: Westwind Featherstone
(Accepted) Homid Name: Liam
Deed Name: Death
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Wendigo
Society: Sanctum of Gaia
Pack: Tempts Fate

What is Known

Imagine, if you will, a little cub, talking with the Old Wolf of the Woods like an old friend. This was the beginning many saw happen with Westwind "Liam" Featherstone deeded Death. It has caused Westwind to grow up quickly beyond her years. She learned to see all the light and dark of understanding in the ways that should she best could: scent.

Westwind "Liam" Featherstone before her massive injury.

Westwind is a young tracker and has found her way into places that, well, is a tale in itself. Though if someone needs to find someone, they usually go find Westwind. In the past year her tracking has lead to her being scarred up the way that she is by falling into the balefire. A reminder of when the hunter's pain strikes too deep and true.

Wolves, Kin, and the Others

Say What?

  • "If you're not happy with it--challenge. Don't make it more complicated than it has to be. That's dumb--you only have a short time. Go. Now." - Liam deeded Death
  • "Quote." - Your Name

Truth and Rumors

  • Gave her pack alpha the finger. What? She had bit it off but she still gave it to him. Wait, does that make it worse? Oh, let me make it better—he asked for it.
  • Was raised by Nuwisha--It may explain her high desire for peanut butter constantly.
  • Rarely are there are targets that get away from her, and when they do it's not for long.
  • Plays games of hide and go-fuck-yourself.

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OOC Information, Playlist, and Inspirations



- Henry Standing Bear from Longmire
- Hugh Glass
- Jaffar (Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade)

- The Grey

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Player: C. Neujahr Storyteller: C. Beck Location: Manhattan, KS