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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Whick

Breed Ratkin

Auspice Warrior

Notable Traits: Yellow Eyes, Teddy bear mouth surgical mask

Pack: Implus Drive


Last known photo


Whick is known to most society as "The Teddy Bear Bomber". Over the last few years of he has been blamed for several bombing of Pentex office buildings, work sites, and dumping sites. Even among the Garou Nation Whick is a touch of an extremist, who's attitude is described by the kind as "aloof." While sometimes difficult to deal with, Whick's determination to destroy the wyrm, and willingness to tolerate allies of convenience, make Whick an invaluable ally against the Apocalypse.


  • Whick has an entire extremist militia at his beck and call.
  • He is a spy for the Ratkin to guage the failure of the Garou
  • He is the son of a Rat King

OOC Information

Player: Quentin Acord

Player Email: Paleghost888@gmail.com

Storyteller Email: md.apoc.vst@gmail.com>

Location: Washington, DC