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Sect: Camarilla
City: Dallas

Acknowledged as Camarilla

OOC Information

Player: Victoria Dean
Storyteller: VST
Domain: Dallas

Education is what remains after ones has forgotten what one has learned in school. -Albert Einstein


At the time of Whisper's final Death, the young Malkavian was still pretty fresh to this unlife, but she didn't let that hold her back. She definitely had a different way of looking at things and if she felt you might need to see them the same way she'd tell you about it. All in all you could come to her if you needed some help she was cool with it... unless she wasn't of course!

RIP Whisper. Malkavian forever.

Notable Traits and Oddities

  • tick tock, tick tock, tic---" the clock has stoped. The hourglass' final grain of sand fell. And now it's brave warrior is gone.

Known Associates

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Open Hostilities

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  • "The kid's in over her head." - Wade Foster
  • "Though newly released, she's proven herself to be useful and resourceful to both the Camarilla and Clan Malkavian in the city of Dallas." - Noah Bauer
  • "Ms. Whisper is a kind person, I sure am glad she's staying away from Shamus, he'll be nothing but harm for her and a nice lady like her doesn't need that." - Martin, ghoul of Shamus Dupree
  • "A fine deputy, if a bit prone to getting caught in the insignificant detail. She will do great in time, with proper guidance. Pray that neurosis doesn't get her killed." - Malcolm Sykes
  • "I tried to warn Ms. Whisper, that Shamus would be the end of her. Now she's gone and he's building his next tower." - Martin, ghoul of Shamus Dupree
  • "Tonight we lost Whisper, and my heart breaks for her short life, and her poor sire. Though newly released, she was one of our better Sheriffs, and continued to be more reliable and helpful than many that came after her. I doubt the city will ever know most of what she did to help it, but she did not seek recognition for these things. She did them because they were right, and she was loyal. I will miss her, on a personal level. She was genuine and thoughtful. So much potential." - Noah Bauer
  • "Debería haber disparado. En tu nombre, prometo que no me detendré la próxima vez. Y esa Gárgola ... no es larga para este mundo." - Samuel Jones
  • "At least she didn't die innocent, her eyes had been opened. She was everything to some of us." - Shamus Dupree
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Rumor Mill

  • She was behind the burning of Shamus Dupree's clocktower, where her heart still beats in a glass case.
  • She was instrumental in locating the cabal of Mountain Loyal Assamites at SMU.
  • She was killed by a Gargoyle and Assamites after stepping through an enchanted mirror.