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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Shasta Woodspring

Deed Name: Whispers-in-Darkness

Breed: Homid

Rank: Fostern


Pack: Red Sky


Sept: Gaia's Vengeance


Shasta was grew up as the eldest child in a large family of Kinfolk. While her family was very involved with her sept in the midwest. They were well known for their healing skills and before Shasta underwent her first change she was on the path to follow her mother and grandmother as healers. When she went through her first change she was horrified, having been one to help people all her life it was not something that she took well.

Shortly after her cub hood Shasta decided it was time to try making a name for herself. She, along with a few members of her family decided and with her long time ally Jack, traveled to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to assist with founding the sept and establishing.

Over the years since the sept was founded she has completed an associates in nursing and a bachelor's in social work. She works closely with the townships around the sept to make sure that people have their basic needs met. Including opening several community centers with the help of various members of the sept.

Born: June 1993

First Change: 2009

Joined Gaia's Vengeance: 2011

Became Fostern: December 2014


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OOC Information

Player: User:Nancy_C._US2010045744

Player Email: NancyMage@gmail.com

Storyteller: Rachel Sanks

Storyteller Email: vst.apocalypse@mindseyephilly.com

Location: Philadelphia, PA / New Jersey