Whispers of Lucent Twilight

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General Information

Name: Red Igorivich
Deed Name: Whispers of Lucent Twilight
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
House: Wise Heart
Lodge: Moon
Lineage: Clan Zorja
Pack: Children of Sia

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)


Words and People


  • "That's the amazing thing about languages. Sometimes it doesn't matter what language you speak, you're still wrong."
  • "Why not break the mould? Be bold! Go for whippoorwill!" - When discussing a potential Pack totem for Kass.


  • "A source of joy that is regularly a pain in my ass. In other words, a brother." - Kassandra Vassos
  • "There are few words I can use to describe my nephew in polite company though he still manages to be quite charming" - Elizaveta Igorivich
  • "Someone I consider a friend, of sorts. I still haven't forgiven him for tricking me into summoning that damned bane, since it nearly killed me." - Nikoleta Vassos
  • "Whispers of Lucent Twilight and myself shared a Rite of Passage, years ago. We share a sister, even if not by blood. When he chooses to share more, no matter how rough his words can be, I make a point of listening, for this Garou's wisdom is keener than he likes others to know." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "Not much for talk, but it seems like he's more than competent. Durning a small operation in Bloomington he worked alone on the umbral side of a cleanup site. Considering we were understaffed for a mission as widespread as this was, his assistance was greatly appreciated." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "He came, he watched, he listened, he kicked ass, then as quietly he was gone....I look forward to working with him again. Though I will need to listen harder, he is very, very quiet." Olivia Whitefeather
  • He ripped wyrm tainted material out of my arm and branded me. Ragabash kitsune. This is a first. Luna may be knocking on his door. Valen Cross
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Player Information

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