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Commonly Known Information
Shadow Name:Whiterabbit
Creature Type:Mage
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST CoD-X MA-005D
Player Email:

Simone T

Path moros.pngLegacy scelesti.png



Whiterabbit is the son of former Hierarch of the Western Massachusetts Consilium Elysian As part of the Merveille Family, which is rumored to only sire awakened children, he was born a Proximus of the Arcadian Lineage. He was groomed to become his father's successor and destined to guide the consilium and educated by the Mysterium in preparation for his awakening At the time of his awakening, Whiterabbit awakened as a Moros instead of an Acanthus as it was expected. As soon as details of his awakening became obvious he was expelled by the Consilium and hunted down by the rest of the family. Somewhere around the turn of the Century, The Whiterabbit joins a cult of Scelesti Time Mages called the Chronophages. Having gathered around himself a group of outcasts from the Consilium, he participates in the attack to the Consilium of 2009 and manages to erase the existence of the old consilium sanctum and its entire history. During the Samhain celebrations of 2018, he visits the new Silent Consilium of Western Massachusetts and employs a long ritual of abyssal Time and Death Magic to devour his sister Myst and rewrite part of her history. This history rewritten has among other things the effect of killing his father Elysian. Since then it has been revealed that Whiterabbit plan involves inviting the Abyssal patron of the Chronophages into the world, a powerful Gulmoth of Time and Cannibalism named Chronos who plans to erase history and the world and recreate it in his own image. Whiterabbit is a known master of Death and Time.



  • All the mages devoured by the whiterabbit rituals have been recreated by Chronos in the Abyss
  • All of wonderland, including the whiterabbit hold a spell to self-cannibalize and join Chronos in the Abyss in case of death.



  • On the pentacle "They would have their supernal realm, and you would live in it as slaves. Not me, I would rather be a king in the abyss."
  • "now if you would excuse me.. as I speak with you my meal is getting cold and a cold mage is not as good as a fresh warm one."


  • "Just when I thought I knew exactly how fucked up that family could be." - Virgam
  • "These are the kind of monsters that the sleep of wisdom produces" - Persona
  • "White bunny's terror still echoes on the wind... I suppose he learned something from me after all..." - Leto
  • “And when it comes to the white rabbit, the things they did to him just because he was born a Moros were fucked up." - Caterpillar
  • "Your Quote" - Name