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Who Dey


  • Who Dey is the Sept's greatest warrior, according to Who Dey.
  • Who Dey accidentally ate Marty once. Luckily he coughed the Ratkin up as a hairball.
  • Who Dey has a boy like crush on a certain lady fox.
  • The old man is the only one in the Sept Who Dey actually see as an equal.
  • Who Dey's mother was killed by Vampires.
  • Who Dey knows a lot more than what everyone thinks.
  • Who Dey has no idea how to play football.
  • Who Dey secretly owns an Ananasi butt blanket.
  • Who Dey is jealous of the Wormfoe and is plotting to kill him.
  • Who Dey's favorite TV show is Tom and Jerry. He always roots for the cat.
  • Who Dey is the actually the former beloved mascot of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Zoo. Missing and presumed stolen. Urban legend states he still lives in the sewers. There are reported sightings but these are dismissed as drunks or young childish pranks trying to keep the legend alive. If only they knew their beloved mascot still protects them from the evil that lurks in the dark places of the city.


Born in India in 2012, as a small cub Who Dey's mother died. He was found and sold to a football team in America. Living at the local zoo he became a celebrity as the teams mascot. He was named after the slogan the fans would chant to rally their team: "Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey!!!! Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals!!!" This is where Who Dey learned much about humans. When he had his first change at age 3 he immediately escaped the zoo. Making his way down to the sewers and long forgotten subway tunnels Who Dey was alone with only the spirits to guide him. He soon found the city and the people he so loved plagued by Vampires. So he began a crusade hunting them. But they were many and despite his great might there was only him. The spirits lead him to the Sept where he met the late Alpha. He agreed to aide her and her Sept, but upon her death he chose to join the Sept. Who Dey joined the pack know as The Big Red Machine. He continues his fight for the soul of his beloved fans.

OOC Information

Tribe: Khan Bastet
Afilliation: Garou Nation
Rank: 3
Domain: Cincinnati
Player: Jason H
VST: Adam L

Created by: Greg G