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Hello, fellow LARP and wiki enthusiast! This page is devoted to answering common questions and explaining new features or concepts rolled out in this chronicle's wiki launch. Should you have questions or feedback, please contact wiki admin email account.

8/8/17 - New Stuff Log

3/27/2017 - New Stuff Log

  • MES Wiki Category List with new regional pages/category (3/27/17)
  • Category:OOC Region plus new region pages (3/27/17)
  • Sidebar retooling for easy-to-locate resources (3/27/17)
  • Added resources at the bottom of Main Page (3/27/17)

- Kimberly, Retired Wiki Admin

2/26/2016 - Redirects and Organizational Nightmares

An intrepid club member noticed that I have developed a distaste for redirect pages. Renamed, reassigned, or deleted, I have worked to minimize their presence on our new wiki, and he asked why. So, friends, welcome to another installment of the Wiki Admin blog, where I share the whats and whys of the wiki.

So, why am I culling redirects? In a word, time.

Redirects make it harder for me to keep up with page organization and categorization. Right now, I can pull up user pages, categories, and general character pages up in separate lists, which I can scan and check for missing information, broken links, and other errors that need fixing. Redirects begin cross-pollinating those types of pages so that I am checking the same material over and over. It also breaks the patterns built into the naming conventions, which means it takes longer to spot something out of place.

It doesn't seem like a big deal right now, because we have only one venue in action, and I've been culling redirects nightly. However, I'm doing it knowing what we ended up with last chronicle, when I didn't touch redirects: 870 pages of them. And that's just redirects--not everything else on the old wiki.

Because it is only me keeping the wiki in some reasonable and usable shape right now, that kind of backlog eats up lots of time. I'd much rather spend the time doing useful things--like fixing broken links or code--than hunting and pecking through duplicate pages. So I'm a bit zealous in keeping redirects out, including not using them, myself.

I apologize for any frustration this may cause. If you would like some help making sure your wiki code is linking to long page titles and categories, you can email me or find me on IRC, usually as some variation of the username RedQueen. (Yeah, like the murder robot. I promise I'm nicer.)

- Kimberly, Retired Wiki Admin

2/26/2017 - New Stuff Log

  • Pages moved, renamed, or deleted as per user requests or organizing needs
  • MES Wiki Category List (Updated to include a category for collecting PC stories of Garou and Fera history HERE.)

- Kimberly, Retired Wiki Admin

2/20/2017 - New Stuff Log

  • Pages moved, renamed, or deleted as per user requests or organizing needs

- Kimberly, Retired Wiki Admin

2/15/2017 - Categories

It's okay. You can say it. The Categories look funny and the names are long and why is the Wiki Admin now so picky?

First, let me assure you that there is a method to the madness. As admin on the wiki for last chronicle, and a user on the one before that, I've had years to observe how our club members use this platform to share, collect, and disseminate information. In the 2013 wiki platform, we tried some new ideas: pre-making domain pages, pre-loading clan/covenant/tribe/etc. information, color-coding everything, venue home pages, fancy templates to auto-fill categories, wiki user manuals, and more. Some of the ideas worked, while others were ineffective or clumsy. Methods were refined, adjusted, or scrapped.

That brings me to the first (and probably biggest) change from the 2013 platform to this one: pre-defined categories.

The categories in the 2013 wiki are almost entirely user generated, and while I applaud the spirit of helpful cooperation exhibited by all our members, the result was more chaos than order. Some of the issues you'll find in a glance at the hundreds of categories from the 2013 wiki:

  • Categories with a single page/member (Many of these.)
  • Categories that are not categories (Such as a one-shot article.)
  • Categories too big to be useful (Like "MES." That's the whole wiki.)
  • Categories that were misspelled, splitting groups ("Independant" versus "Independent")
  • Categories with similar intent and different names, splitting groups ("Caitiff Masquerade" versus "Caitiff Masquerade Characters")
  • Categories too vague, and thus conflating venues. ("Status 0" brings up four Awakening PCs and two Requiem PCs.)

The result: hundreds of category pages that didn't fulfill their purpose: to collect information of like values in a single place for browsing and easy reference.

To alleviate the category congestion and make them useful again, we're installing pre-defined categories. While it takes some time to get used to, the pre-defined categories also come with several benefits.

  • They collect pages in deliberate, functional fashion, making browsing for information faster and easier.
  • The standardized format helps yours truly browse and organize pages faster. (Thanks!)
  • Because all categories follow a standardized naming convention (venue / group / subgroup), the categories for future venue launches will be easier to figure out and immediately check for accuracy, reducing split groups.
  • They are a passive teaching tool to help new players learn venue nomenclature. For example, to a new player, "Get of Fenris | Galliard | Sanctum of Gaia" at the bottom of a PC page is simply a list of lingo. But "Apocalypse / Tribe / Get of Fenris | Apocalypse / Auspice / Galliard | Apocalypse / Society / Sanctum of Gaia" identifies what each unknown term refers to, giving them context in more familiar language.

I've already discovered some useful category ideas I didn't think of in my initial build, such as lineages of blood-related kinfolk and werewolves in Apocalypse. As need for categories becomes apparent, I'm adding them in, and recording them on the MES Wiki Category List for those club members who tend to make their pages from scratch rather than the templates.

Now, the new category protocol is not perfect. But in terms of utility, organization, and clarity, I am excited to see this come together. I look forward to working with you all to make it great.

- Kimberly, Retired Wiki Admin

2/15/2017 - New Stuff Log

- Kimberly, Retired Wiki Admin