Wilco Vaughn

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"Sinners make the best saints"

Name: Wilco Vaughn (often just called Vaughn)

Type: Mage

Path: Obrimos

Order: Talons

Legacy: Cosmicrescue

Ship: Caballo Pálido

Position: Station Physician

Public Information

Coming soon...

Notable Traits

  • Vaughn wont kill or even hurt someone without a damn good reason
  • He created a legacy seeking to help prevent disaster and suffering before it occurs
  • His clothes are always a bit sloppy
  • He's more than a little grumpy most of the time and swears a lot
  • There is a good chance he has at least one flask on him at all times
  • Even drunk he has an incredible medical mind
  • He despises the idea of blindly hunting a bounty and has been known to halt bounty hunters if their quarry is a good person
  • Despite his appearance and general demeanor he has a strong sense of right and wrong
  • He has a fairly strong and vocal hatred of pirates


(Feel free to add/invent any you may have heard.)

  • He hasn't been sober in years
  • Before his awakening he was someone important in the Core Worlds
  • He's a con artist working a very long con
  • Vaughn is responsible of the deaths of millions
  • The call of the abyss has tainted his entire legacy

Friends and Enemies

(Feel free to add your character. I may edit the connection description to what seems most fitting to me.)


(Feel free to add quotes)

  • "You're gonna need medical personnel with you for your stupid fucking idea." -Vaughn
  • "I'm still not convinced vampires are still people. I mean, they sure as shit aren't not people, but that doesn't mean they're people." -Vaughn


Inspirations from Reality and Fiction

  • All of the cosmic Marvel Comics (Quasar, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc)
  • Elim Garak from Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  • Doc Cochran from Deadwood
  • Johnny Rico from Starship Troopers
  • Yondu Udonta from the Guardians of the Galaxy films


Other OOC Information

Player: Jon Grimmer
Player Email: griqkincaid@gmail.com
Storyteller: Joseph Immel
Storyteller Email: joseph@immel.com
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

Looking For

  • Friends, enemies, frenemies, people he has helped, and maybe romantic ties.
  • Anything else that sounds interesting, I am always willing to work out some sort of character ties

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