Wilhelm David Jados-Lang

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Wilhelm David Jados-Lang
Common Aliases: Wilhelm Trecht
Clan: Tremere
Social Class:Ancilla

Status: Acknowledged by Prince Amyntas San Francisco
Established as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
Loyal by the word of Kipton Shant
Courteous by the word of Saharat
Favored by the word of Áed

Wilhelm Trecht is a severe man with dark hair and eyes. Most often noticed by his distinct sense of dress that sits just off center of the time. He attributes this to the influence of his sire. He often sits alone, gently penning his little red book and can be found socializing with his family and their peers.

House Saharat Crest and Motto.jpg

House Lineage


Known to House and Clan

Rank: Apprentice of the 5th
Member of The Chantry Nebulæ Turbinibus (The Chantry of the Mists)- CA Bay Area Region

Wilhelm is an alchemist and responsible for many of the more common sense signs in the chantry to remind kindred to not make unstable and dangerous materials outside of proper containment.


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Musical Inspirations

OOC Information

Player: Jeff Holland US2003021993
Storyteller: Patrick Colford

Location: San Francisco, CA