Wilko Spaiq

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The Explorers Guilds symbol
A mystic channels essence as an animated giant turtle skeleton guards above
Wilko and his pack totem Urumda.
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Commonly Known Information

Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Union: Explorers
Charter: TBD
Honorary Spirit Rank: •••
Purity ••••
Wisdom ••
Location: Caldera System
Pack: Spark Wardens
Player: B. Stalnaker
Storyteller: S. McKeown

Name: Wilko Spaiq

Type: Werewolf

Auspice: Rahu

Union: Explorer's Union

Description: A middle aged but athletic man with graying hair.

Renown Information

Please note: this information is intended for those who can see and read renown brands.






Please note: Some of this info could be easily found with Government records and some would only be found locally or in Tribal records. Use your best judgement to decide if you could learn it.

  • SY4017 - Born August 18th to Tria and Cadmus Spaiq, a EFMC military family
  • SY4028 - Family joins the colonization efforts of the Caldera system
  • SY4030 - Family survives Red Plagued Mage incident on Iapetus
  • SY4030 - Cadmus Spaiq re-enlists
  • SY4032 - Wilko’s mother moves the family to Hestia
  • SY4032 - Wilko has his first change and in short time joins the Iron Masters
  • SY4035 - Wilko enlists
  • SY4040 - Paxtown incident, Tria Spaiq MIA after incident
  • SY4058 - "Quits" the EFMC and joins the Explorer’s Union
  • SY4059 - Becomes a Bone Shadow
  • SY4080 - Increasing anger at Humanity and “trained hounds” leads to this being the last year Wilko was part of a pack
  • SY4086 - Finds himself on Augusta station after a mission. He takes a shuttle to Hestia and decides to stay
  • SY4087 - Spends the next 30 years as a Hermit protecting a Loci near the destroyed site of Paxtown.
  • SY4117 - Comes out of seclusion when it looks like a new attempt at colonizing Hestia may be coming


Wilko is a Rahu Bone Shadow and a somewhat distant member of the Explorer’s Union who focuses on doing his Uratha duty and protecting those who forge their own path. He was born to a family with both military and Uratha traditions that were part of the efforts to colonize Hestia, the place where he grew up during and before the Silent War. Wilko took the rejection of Humanity especially harshly and is particularly rude and antagonistic with anyone who seems willing to work with the government or corporations, even worse if they’re Uratha.


  • Wilko is a war hero from back during the Silent War.
  • This Uratha is open with other supernaturals but hates being outed to Humans.
  • His rage trigger probably has something to do with "pack-mates" being hurt or in danger.

Character Inspirations

  • She Used To Love Me A Lot by Johnny Cash [1]
  • Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody

OOC Information

Player: Brandon Stalnaker

Player Email: pathofhaqim6265@gmail.com

Storyteller: Sean McKeown

Storyteller Email: vst.space@nyccamarilla.org

Location: NYC, NY