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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Willadeen "1001 Appalachian Nights" Tate

Notable Traits: Very Late Change

Pack: Disciples of Jingu Bang

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Flooded Lands

Position: Den Parent


Willadeen was born and raised in the mountains of Kentucky before being disowned by her family for failing to Change. She made a good life for herself, taking full advantage of her disadvantaged status to get her foot in the door of a community college, eventually earning a Masters in Library Science and a position at the Library of Congress. Her own struggle led her to advocate for others similarly disadvantaged.

In February, 2016, while attending a funeral back in the mountain home of her childhood, Willadeen was hit by a car and, to everyone's surprise, went through her First Change. At the age of 50. She was taken in by the sept that her Garou family called home, The Flooded Still. After succeeding her Rite of Passage, she retuned east to join the Sept of the Flooded Plain and to find her place and purpose in the Nation.


  • "You know that old saw about judging books by its covers? Willadeen is the epitome of that saying, I've got a sneaking suspicion that her accent gets thicker the more she wants to own an opponent in matters of intellect. She's quite literally one of the sharpest minds I know, and don't worry... I fell for it too once upon a time." - Oliver "Truth & Consequences" Bishop
  • "Last time someone shot me was at a family reunion. It was mah cousin Vanessa." - Willadeen


  • She was cursed by an Appalachian Hoodoo sorceress in her youth, and that's what caused her delayed change.
  • Willadeen has a photographic memory and has memorized entire wings of the Library of Congress.

OOC Information

Player: Marji Sinclair

Player Email: us2002034543@gmail.com

Storyteller: George Williams

Storyteller Email: md.apoc.vst@gmail.com

Location: Baltimore / DC