William Abel Ison

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Sire: Britney Daye
Childer: None



  • Initiated



  • Blessed


  • 1985 - Born in Austin, TX
  • 2018 - Embraced by Britney Daye
  • 2018 - Is initiated into the Sabbat
  • 2018 - Creates a new pack, Datura, with his sire Britney Daye, and becomes Ductus

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  • Pack: Datura
  • Faction: Ultra Conservative


  • [EERIE PRESENCE] His shadow flickers, as if he were in candle light.
  • Unsettling eyes and smile.
  • Slicked back hair.
  • Smart suit.
  • Unfailingly polite.


  • He has been embraced as a joke, and its already going awry.
  • His hair is naturally like that.
  • Add your own rumor.


  • "He's a pretty weird guy, I'll admit; but I mean, he's so nice. He's still fun. I think I'll keep him." Britney Daye
  • "Abel este numit pentru primul sânge vărsat. Ce titlu ciudat trebuie luat. He believes himself transcended, but he has not yet made his cocoon. We will see if he becomes what he truly can be, or if he follows the path of his namesake." Zână
  • "Well, he's passed the first test; now to see if he can keep it up. It's gonna be a wild ride, if I've any say in it." Dorian Alvarez
  • "Ohhhhh, and I even like the color." Pierce Cross
  • "I bet he has to pay a fortune in dry-cleaning every time he goes out like blood is so hard to get out of the suite and tie getup #messyeater." Trashfire
  • "It is not often I am impressed so quickly. Let us see if he can continue the trend." Astraea
  • "Abel's devotion to Caine is very strong and provides guiding light for other newly initiated like me. I do have to mess with him though. He gets a bit too serious if you don't ruffle his perfect facade every once in a while. It's good to remind everyone there's definitely a monster in there and it's fun to see it come out and play." Carrie White
  • "I have no need for an Icarus." Gabriel Thompson
  • "How delightful it is to meet one so faithful... He's a shadow wise beyond his years and I can see a long future ahead for him. Just the right amount of allure, like the forbidden preacher man you can never corrupt. Very rare. Very inspiring." Valerie Evans
  • "Your quote here." You


What if a prominent televangelist stumbled upon a secret world just by interpreting exactly the right set of circumstances and verses from scripture? What if that led him into a world of darkness and blood, recruited to be one of the very things he was warning his followers about? What if the experience formed a new religious revelation for him, a rebirth into a dark prophet of a monstrous cult?


"Because I am a new wave gospel sharp/And you'll be thy witness/So gentlemen, if you're gonna preach/For God sakes preach with conviction!"

"This is gospel for the vagabonds,/Ne’er-do-wells, insufferable bastards/Confessing their apostasies/Led away by imperfect impostors"

"I pray for the wicked on the weekend/Mama, can I get another amen?"

"And now you'll lead the way/Show the light of day/Nice work you did"

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Britney Daye

Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos, TX
Player: Bryce Phillips
VST: San Marcos VST

I am always looking for ties & allies, so feel free to reach out at any time!