William Auburn

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Known Information

Clan: Malkavian
Apparent age: Late 20s.
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder.
Sire: Unknown



About Him

Mr. Auburn is known to honor his deals. Mr. Auburn is not known to have patience for those who do not honor their deals. He has built his reputation on sponsoring competitions that promote the standards of Kindred society. He is particularly fond of sponsoring competitions that revolve around Boons and Status.

Mr. Auburn's Loyalty to the Camarilla is unquestionable. He is so enmeshed in the web of Prestation and Standing that it seems a daunting task to separate him from the Ivory tower.

Mr. Auburn is known to travel with two companions. A Nosferatu named Nina Smith and a Gangrel named Barton travel with Mr. Auburn. They act as impartial judges in the competitions Mr. Auburn sponsors.

Mr. Auburn is looking forward to seeing what makes you special.

William Auburn.jpg


  • Mr. Auburn is particularly fond of the Symbel, and travels around trying to encourage others to engage in them.
  • Mr. Auburn is believes every clan exists to fill a needed role. He is known to encourage Kindred to achieve their greatest potential, and has often provided the means for success.
  • This is what a rumor would look like." -Gossip is Bad!


Contact info

This page is for an NPC in the South Central Region.

  • Presiding VST: Devon Weir US2007039567
  • Email: arst.masq@sc.mindseyesociety.org