William Carver

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Commonly Known Information

Name: William Carver

Nick Name: Bloody Bill

Lineage: House Castille

Notable Traits: Honourable, Practical, Faithful

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Ventrue Crusader

Status: Courageous, Devout, Loyal, Purified

Pack: Non Nobius Solemn


  • Former Ductus of the pack Deus Vult before becoming a Judge Inquisitor
  • Earned his reliquary fighting the Demon on the beach of Ocean City
  • Helped discover and exterminate an infernal nest in Montreal
  • Went with his pack to defeat an Elder Baali in Dallas Texas.


  • Bill earned his nickname in a game of instinct in Juarez, Mexico. It somehow involved a group of shovelheads and a Santeria practicing witch.
  • Bill has studied various lore throughout his unlife, including, of all things, French Kindred.
  • Somehow his knowledge of French Kindred aided him in uncovering an infernalist...
  • He is way too "human" to be part of the Sabbat, how the hell did he manage to get into the Inquisition?
  • The "humanity" is just a facade, there are many reasons he was called "Bloody Bill", and all of them are justified...
  • Wrestled a werewolf in Dallas


  • "Bill is the most devout member of the Sword I have ever met. Loyal, faithful, and a hell of a friend. I can rely on him for anything. The world would be a dark, dark place without Bill." - Valerie Evans
  • "He doesn't suck" - Gunther McAllister
  • "He's resolute and strong. I like him, because it makes it harder to see what makes him tick." - The Basilisk
  • "He is too good for me. He is too good for us. If I look at him too long, I'm blinded by his light but he keeps me warm regardless. My world is stable with him here. I will never deserve all that he gives." Valerie Evans
  • "An honorable Cainite, a dedicated Inquisitor, a worthy packmate. Even if we disagree on an ethical level we are able to work it out through conversation which in these nights are rare in Sword of Caine." - Daniel
  • "He is my Brother, in terms of the Sabbat, the Order, and more than that, he is my true Brother. The other half that complements me, where I am violent, he is calm. He brings judgement, I deliver Wrath. We are a pair that you will not wish to move against, but if we come for you, then I hope you at least make it sporting." - Gabriel Thompson

OOC Information

Player: Todd Miller

Player Email: hemmingway7556@yahoo.ca

Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

Storyteller Email:vst.sabbat@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

Location: Martinique