William Carver

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Commonly Known Information

Name: William Carver

Nick Name: Bloody Bill

Lineage: House Castille

Notable Traits: Honourable, Practical, Faithful

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Ventrue Crusader

Status: Courageous, Devout, Loyal, Purified

Pack: Non Nobius Solemn


  • Former Ductus of the pack Deus Vult before becoming a Judge Inquisitor
  • Earned his reliquary fighting the Demon on the beach of Ocean City
  • Helped discover and exterminate an infernal nest in Montreal
  • Went with his pack to defeat an Elder Baali in Dallas Texas.
  • Resigned from being a Judge Inquisitor and took up the mantle of Knight Inquisitor instead.
  • Helped defeat the agent of the Gardener demon of Martinique.
  • Aided in the battle of Karaya Ni, helping defeat the infernal and the fallen werewolves trying to corrupt the Cairn.


  • Bill earned his nickname in a game of instinct in Juarez, Mexico. It somehow involved a group of shovelheads and a Santeria practicing witch.
  • Bill has studied various lore throughout his unlife, including, of all things, French Kindred.
  • Somehow his knowledge of French Kindred aided him in uncovering an infernalist...
  • He is way too "human" to be part of the Sabbat, how the hell did he manage to get into the Inquisition?
  • The "humanity" is just a facade, there are many reasons he was called "Bloody Bill", and all of them are justified...
  • Wrestled a werewolf in Dallas
  • Had thrown his reliquary away
  • During the battle of Karaya Ni, Bill stuck a Claymore mine on the end of a stick and charged a werewolf with it.


  • "Bill is the most devout member of the Sword I have ever met. Loyal, faithful, and a hell of a friend. I can rely on him for anything. The world would be a dark, dark place without Bill." - Valerie Evans
  • "He doesn't suck" - Gunther McAllister
  • "He's resolute and strong. I like him, because it makes it harder to see what makes him tick." - The Basilisk
  • "He is too good for me. He is too good for us. If I look at him too long, I'm blinded by his light but he keeps me warm regardless. My world is stable with him here. I will never deserve all that he gives." Valerie Evans
  • "An honorable Cainite, a dedicated Inquisitor, a worthy packmate. Even if we disagree on an ethical level we are able to work it out through conversation which in these nights are rare in Sword of Caine." - Daniel
  • "He is my Brother, in terms of the Sabbat, the Order, and more than that, he is my true Brother. The other half that complements me, where I am violent, he is calm. He brings judgement, I deliver Wrath. We are a pair that you will not wish to move against, but if we come for you, then I hope you at least make it sporting." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "A strong soldier, and a credit to the Inquisition. Rock solid, and you always know where you stand with him. Sharp mind, strong arm, flawless honor. If he was the typical Inquisitor, we probably wouldn't have had as many Sabbat Civil Wars." - Jimmy Welt
  • "Bill is the perfect combination of brutality and wielding such violence with clarity. Reasonable, though perhaps too trustworthy, he is a cherished brother." - Deliverance Dane

OOC Information

Player: Todd Miller

Player Email: hemmingway7556@yahoo.ca

Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

Storyteller Email:vst.sabbat@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

Location: Martinique