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What is known

"YoHoHo A Ghoul's life for me."

Concept: Gentleman, Butler, Explorer and Soldier

Name: William Cromwell

Known Aliases:

  • Daedalus

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Social Class: None

Generation: Ghoul

Core Concept: A unique ghoul in the world of the Camarilla, William Cromwell has frequently been 'loaned' or allowed to assist others with various activities; from re-taking cities to assisting in arcane research, he's proven himself to not only be loyal and proper in all social regards, but possesses a keen mind and an even sharper eye.

Public Timeline:

  • Born: REDACTED
  • 1900 - 1920
  • 1921 -1943
  • 1943 - 1954
  • 1955: First appears within Kindred society.
  • 1999: 'Shadows Fall' - William travels to Russia and Investigates the fall of The Shadow Curtain.
  • 1999: Appears in Austin, TX to assist with the re-taking of the city from Anarch forces. Appears to remain there moving forward.
  • 2011: 'The Bangladesh Incident' - William travels to Bangladesh to investigate the aftermath of the events there.
  • 2017: REDACTED
  • 2018: Current Day

Public Face

"Do You Have Clearance?"

Abiding Status:

  • None

Fleeting Status:

  • None


Current Location: Austin, TX

Coteries/Societies/Factions: NONE THAT ARE KNOWN AT THIS TIME

Apparent Age: Mid-late 50s, possibly early 60s

Appearance and Manner: William became a ghoul later in his life than most do; it's not entirely clear how old he actually is, but he conducts himself with all the proper manners and appearance as someone groomed to deal with royalty would. Elegant, perfect gentleman, traditional. William is polished as only an Englishman can be, and rather it's a dinner party for special guests, or an adventure to faraway lands to delve into the past, he always conducts himself properly, politely, and is never short on dry, witty humor.

Notable Traits: Very little is known about the man known as 'William Cromwell', save that he first appeared in Kindred circles sometime during the mid to late 1950s; beyond that he's kept a single Domitor, supposedly, despite going out for prolonged amounts of time to assist other Kindred with problems, or exploring dark corners of the world to uncover relics of antiquity. William has a reputation as someone who is proper and respectable, especially for a ghoul, but also who is capable of keeping secrets when necessary. He's a scholar, and has on more than one occasion proven that his fighting abilities are superior to the common man, if not on the same level as even a neonate Kindred. He's also been known to frequently carry one of two books with him - a copy of 'The King in Yellow' or various versions or copies of H.P Lovecraft's works, such as 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth' or 'At the Mountains of Madness'.




Domitor: Kipton Shant

More Rumor than Knowledge



  • Is actually a Hunter who's managed to shake the blood bond, and sends intelligence on Kindred back to his associates.
  • Is an excellent pilot and a crack shot.
  • Secretly serves a member of the Inner Circle.
  • Is rebuilding a modern version of the Library of Alexandria.
  • Was the puppet master behind Уједињење или смрт, Irgun, and Savak.
  • Is the true author '2000 year of Esponiage'
  • is the true author of 'The Bodyguard of Lies'
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What others have said about him...

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  • "Exactly as impressive as he appears, but what I like most about William is how bloody hilarious he is." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Your Quote Here" - Wikiname
  • "Your Quote Here" - Wikiname

What he's been known to say...

  • "When the dead start talking about what terrifies them, that's the time when you should stop talking, and start listening." - William Cromwell

Allies, Acquaintances, and Enemies

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OOC Information

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