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At a Glance

Name: William Henry Howard

Deed Names: Whispers of the Ancients, Snow Will Come

Rank: Athro

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Silver Fang

House: Wyrmfoe

Lineage: Howard

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Pack: The Wyvern's Sting

What the Public Knows

William is the son of Robert and Victoria Howard, a couple well know in Kansas City society. He grew up rich and privileged but with high expectations on him. While classmates were playing William was studying, seemingly preferring his books and showing a special interest in History. He was a small child, and was inevitably seen as a bit of a nerd. This wasn’t helped by his interest in martial arts or his disinterest in traditional sports, though he was able to show enough practical application to avoid physical bullying.

As he grew into puberty opinions changed somewhat. He grew large, strong, and agile. In high school he joined the wrestling team and did well, but lacked the interest needed to excel. He was handsome and naturally confident but too quiet to be truly popular with girls. At the same time his studious nature keeps him well liked among the teachers and nerds. Generally by the time he graduated high school he was well liked and respected.

After high school William followed his interest in things martial and historical, enrolling in West Point. Things looked promising. He was popular among his classmates and teachers, but his time there was short. He left the academy for Christmas break his freshman year and never returned. The reason remains unclear.

In the four years since then William has fallen off the map a bit. He apparently has no job and spends a lot of time away from Kansas City but is not known to frequent the common rich kid party spots. What he is up to is unclear.

What the Nation Knows

William grew up in the Howard family, a line of kinfolk loyal to House Wyrmfoe. His family began preparing him for service to The Nation at an early age. Since he was born under a gibbous moon he was taught history, genealogy, oratory, and music to go with the martial arts they required of all their children. He was a studious and serious child who excelled both in these lessons and in school.

When he had not first changed by the end of high school it was decided that he would be positioned in politics where he could be of use to the nation. In order to position him for a run for office he would attend the West Point and then serve a tour in the military. He did well in his first semester, but then had his first change and had to drop out.

Williams first change happened while he was home for Christmas break. While out shopping he noticed a woman being mugged at gunpoint and intervened. The mugger panicked and shot him. Next he knew the mugger and victim were both dead, and he was covered in blood. Luckily his car was nearby, and he was able to escape the scene. The local sept worked with his family to sweep the incident under the rug, but it was decided it would be best if he wasn't around if the authorities came looking.

The first few months after his change saw William shipped of to a distant cousin where he was taught those things about being Garou that his kinfolk parents couldn't. Studious as always he was quickly ready for his Rite of Passage. He was tasked with convincing a spirit to tell him a tale he had never heard before. William chose to seek out Wyvern, a member of falcons brood who many of his family honored, to ask why this was so. After earning the trust of a jaggling of Wyvern he was told a long tale. The gist of which was that the Howards had once served the fallen House Winter Snow and that Wyvern had been patron to that house. Armed with that tale he returned to his cousin, and was name Whispers of the Ancients, Cliath of The Nation.

William continued to associate with that Wyvern, and even took up his ban,vowing to travel too and defend any caern that called for aid. It took only one battle for him to realize he would not survive this ban without a pack. With the help of his cousin Jinghua “Justice Unflinching” Zheng he sought out Matías “Obsidian Mirror” Montez, last survivor of the famous pack Wyvern's Sting. Together the three reformed the pack under Montez's leadership.

Traveling and fighting with Wyvern's Sting battle hardened William. It also showed him the gaps in his education, and between battles he sought out teachers to help him bridge these gaps. His nomadic lifestyle left him knowing many in The Nation, but few well. It also made him one of the most combat ready to come of age in recent years.

Less than a year after his Rite of Passage William challenged Obsidian Mirror for the right to call himself Fostern. What is known is that he was gone from his pack for about a month and a half. Durring this time he was seen at The House of Wisdom in Puerto Rico, and at several caerns in England. When he returned he bore a blade wrapped carefully in blankets on his back. Whatever he was up to Obsidian Mirror apparently found his exploits worthy since he began referring to William as Snow Will Come and introducing him as a Fostern of The Nation.

William returned to his pack and their mission, but began focusing his studies on swordplay, seeking out the best teachers he could find. However, with the death of Obsidian Mirror he has stepped up to lead Wyvern's Sting leaving him with less time for personal study.

In the last few years William has continued in service to Wyvern, but with the fluctuations in their membership he seems to have expanded his mission. He actively seeks out chances to help The Nation, prioritizing caern defense, but taking on any task. From Montana to Arizona to Iowa to an extended stay in the Heroic Realm he has consistently gone wherever duty called.

Thinks are changing rapidly in The Nation, and William's situation is no different. He was elevated to Adren after a battle in Kansas, and after his trip to the Atrocity Realm he has unwraped the blade he has been carrying. He now proudly wields the grand klaive Vigilance, once the blade of the kings of House Winter Snow. He now appear poised to challenge for rank again, less than a year after begining his last challenge. What drives him remains unclear except perhaps to his closest companions.


  • William is adopted. His birth father was disgraced when he was only a baby.
  • William lost his virginity at thirteen with a girl his aunt wanted him to get pregnant.
  • William has no interest in women whatsoever.
  • The sword he carries is a powerful klaive.
  • William thinks the Silver Fangs should no longer lead the nation.
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  • "We don't need another generation of warriors. We need Legends. Strive. Be great. No, be better than great. Be superior. We were born for this. This is the apocalypse, the time is now." - William
  • "We have been fighting this war for millennia. There is little we need to do that no one in The Nation has ever mastered. Look to the past. Our legends can show you all that you need." - William
  • "The one thing we all run out of in the end is time. Don't waste what you've got." - William
  • "William holds the line when no one else would. I respect that shit." - Missy
  • "Don't let his quiet, well-reserved demeanor fool you; William Howard Henry is a force of nature to be reckoned with and a force I welcome by my side in a fight or at a moot." - Ed
  • "Haven't met in person. But when I was put in contact with him he seemed professional and to the point. I can work with that." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Not your typical stuffy Silver Fang. I would call upon him to be at my side in battle again if the need arose." - Kallista Black
  • "A Gaian of courage, honor and valor. It has been an honor to journey with him into the belly of the Wyrm." -Tamsin Brown
  • "A great example of the sort of fighter the Nation is proud of, not just in terms of raw strength, but his ability to adapt, to fight as part of a team, and to not act selfishly. These are talents of one with an influential future in store for him. Gotta get to know him better for when those times start coming." - Damage Control
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Friends, Family, and Associates

  • Tristan Howard - William's adopted brother is very close to his own age, and they were close growing up. They have been distant during his time on the road, but William still relies him.
  • Jinghua Zheng - Jinghua was instrumental in cleaning up William's first change, and served as a mentor and later as an advisor to him for many years.
  • Jonathan Starr - William and Jonathan have fought side by side for years. They have formed the bond of combat brotherhood, and will not desert each other.
  • Ian MacAllan - William sought out Ian as a history expert during his fostern challenge. Both ended up genuinely enjoying their conversations. Whenever William is in Europe he seeks out Ian to visit for at least a day.
  • Rúni Knudson - Although they didn't known each other long Rúni had become one of William's best friends. Few people could get him to loosen up like Rúni. William misses him daily.
  • Andrey Silvermaster - Cold War has been around Kansas City since William was born. William was raised paying deference to him, and he hasn't shaken this habit.
  • Natalia Mishtashkyn - Engaged to one of William's cousins before his untimely death, Natalia and William have become fast friends and regular traveling companions.


OOC Information
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