William Truth

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Osip Ugor-Zhilov

William Truth


Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Anarch


Committed Anarch


Cincinnati, OH

Known Associates

Unknown, Anarch, Cincinnati

OOC Information

Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Anarch
Domain: Cincinnati
Player: Ian P

Notable Traits and Style

Only William's friends can call him Billy
William's beast feature is a boar's tail

Rumors and Quotes

* William was a member of the Sabbat at one point
*William doesn't know what alcohol tastes like and his booze is laced with something
"I'm going to need that cellphone, possum"


  • Known Background

'William was born around 1836 on an unknown date. He served in the Civil War as a member of the 7th Ohio Infantry in most of the war's most famous battles. After the war, he returned to Cincinnati and began trade as a brewer and distiller. Around 1867, William was embraced under unknown circumstances. He laid low for while, crawling around Covington and Newport and mostly steered clear of other Kindred. Around the 1920s, William's alcohol business grew and he made his "fortune" He provided limited assistance in the Anarch revolts in the 1970s, but mostly stayed out of the way. He formerly joined the Anarch Movement in the 2000s. '

Created by: Greg G